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We'll define enough. And I'll bet the law. This is where they're going to win in court. The law is probably not going to be explicit enough because the their lawyers. I'm sure did a good job said here's what the law says about enough. And here's what we're doing. Maybe a little more. But that's all. Do you think Stacy that Google flouted the law, or is it flaunted flouted Google flout law a flaunted flouting the law? After they threw down the gauntlet. Discussion about the different scene flout and flaunt unread it they were talking about concealed carry. And the whole thing started by somebody said. What did they do in the wild west about people carrying their guns? Just everybody have a gun on their hip, and they and a alternately came down to a I thought the perfect sentence. Which was they flouted the ordinance by flaunting their ordinance. Think about begin. Wow. Two ordinances flouted the ordinance by flaunting their ordinance. Yes. Ordinance is another word for immunization. And they is it is it. Any weaponry? I think it's any weaponry. It's guns artillery. So they flouted in other words. Blew off the ordinance the law by flaunting because they were saying in the shootout at OK corral happened is because the whatever boys wouldn't wouldn't put their guns up as they went into town, so wider shoot them. Okay. It's ordinance is the law. They flatten the ordinance by flaunting their ordinance. Yes, that that's what was confusing me at first because you had the now if they'd been ordained, we would have had a whole nother commerce. Anyway, did Google flout GDP are like did they say, oh, screw that? We're never so. No, they did the best. They thought they could do without the minimum. They thought they could. So that's what I would expect. So that's the minimum fake. Thought they could do so about the require. Yeah. Yeah. And that's that's how that's how laws that's what we do. Discussions you go to court. Yeah. And then then the court will decide or they'll settle I mean, they'll sit down in the room and France would be like we're really pissed off about this coupe will be like I don't care in Francis. Like, I'm gonna find you there like fine. We'll talk. Yeah. I may be my guest, a Google is willing to put up whatever notice at least for the first part put up whatever notices they're required to put up, but they understand that it's annoying like this cookie law that the that we have to put up with it's annoying to users to see these. So they said, well, what would be the spot? Would it be the minimum compliance with the law? That would not annoy our users, and this is what they decided. And then and then can Neil decide said, no that's not enough. We want more or max shrimps, we want more. And I and I don't see what I'm saying is I don't think Google is acting in bad faith here. Because honestly, I think if if if canal came back and said, we want something like the cookie rural Google, you guys are idiots, but they would do it because you know, what it would make any difference to their business in the long run. I signed a tunnel bear. As if I'm in the UK, but it's it's not working waiting for proxy tunnel. Number one, you need express VPN. I find duty. I was no I in fact, do need that. I was thinking about doing that last sponsorship. It the the the less you pay for pm slower this. Anyway, I think this is certainly not the last time we'll have this conversation. You know, the reason I asked the questions that I asked is Google evil here or is it just a question of interpretation. And I don't think Google's being evil. I think that they're you know, they were Stacey. And weird, discreet, only on degrees. To is that she's saying that there's a there's a they wanna test case. And this is a test case. And that's what the wall to do. And we're arguing that it's a little more politically motivated than Stacey would agree with that be true. Stacey. S. Diminish stacy's. It's no. Sorry. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. Okay. But to stop we should talk about something else. Yes. No, I think we've really flattened this one..

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