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A very high stakes game of chicken. Is the simplest Packers have to come to the realization he's not coming back and then therefore go get their best deal. Um, sort of. I think they already realized that, though, because this is the situation, despite not having been in the media, up until about a few days ago, has been going on for months. I can tell you that the Rams made an offer and try to try to go get him. There's some back channel conversations they had with him prior to trading for Matt Stafford on the Green Bay rebuffed it at that time Niners did to the Niners did the day before the traffic. The Rams did it before the Stafford deal, and so they've been trying to. They've been trying to get him and bring him in. For a while. The Packers have been flying out there trying to talk to him all this kind of stuff. I think as long as Brian good against is there, there's no way or Rogers comes back. This is just good against or is it Mark Murphy as well? I think that he's Personal animus is with Brian Good against. I think that would Mark Murphy could be patched up. And he had Murphy have had conversations between February and now, But I think that there's Animosity with more than one party, but the split or the hard sell is with good goods. What about John James and the Broncos? What do they do there? That's a tough situation, especially after he kind of he was working out at the Broncos facility. And then when the Players association decided to do this arbitrary, ot a boycott thing, Hey, went along with the team, even though he disagreed with it went home and started working out. And when you're working from off site, you're not covered under team insurance. So he wiped out five million and injury protections and 10 million in salary and he ended up really hurting himself on that one. The Broncos. I mean, I talked a couple Bronco sources. They're very, you know, empathetic. But right now that situation is one where he sees he and the players have really kind of set themselves up for failure in the players Union massively overplay their hand. Not all the players were on board with not doing these OTA is I can tell you that right? It was not Wasn't he wanting to do the O T. A S was that he's not the only guys like Alexander Johnson. These guys were showing up there, guys, they're showing up. They just agreed not to talk about it to kind of keep the unified the perception of a unified front. But there I could tell you that locker room was upset about it. And there were guys in that locker room and said We were five win football team, the optics of not showing up for opiates While we're trying to make a power grab on something we didn't collectively bargain. Eyes is bad and JC trader and some of these guys have massively overplay their hand on this, and they're gonna get a lot of pushback this week because of John James was gonna get this could get really sticky with the union. It could get really sticking with you. So if you had to make a prediction will the Broncos Say sorry. You know, we feel bad, but we need this money to get another right tackle. If I'm predicting something, I suggest that they probably what the Eagles did with Jason Peters a few years ago, which has reached a settlement half um yeah, reach reach a settlement. You carry him on the roster and its equitable for everybody. You get cap savings. He gets some of his money. Nobody's the bad guy in it. You know, when you go forward from there, it's not one report that said it's a season indeed. Injurious another report this So what? Maybe there's a chance. He can come back. Is it a Tauron? Achilles? Yes and partially corn's not fully tourney, And there is some optimism that he could be back for the final month of the season. Give or take talked with my Garofalo, who put that out The second report. Talk with him yesterday, and it seems like that's the hope. But that's more of a hope that a medical diagnosis I'll just say based on The fax that we have That would seem highly unlikely to make and it's Z is more hope and wishful thinking that I think it is anything else. So with the Broncos have any interest in a Gallic Mitchell Schwartz or Charles Leno or what do they do it right tackle. Those are two names that are out there. I don't think Leno's gonna be one of them talked to somebody yesterday they hadn't reached out to him yet with Mitchell Schwartz. I talked to his brother Jeff yesterday for quite a bit, and Mitch is still rehabbing. He's not ready to play. So even if they reach out to that, that's kind of a giant question. Mark still has some back issues, some other names that are out there right now that I would suggest Rick Wagoner, Audie Massey. The more Dotson could be brought back, although I think that's kind of an emergency option and then Cam Fleming and Dennis Kelly would be other. They're going to bring some guys in this week and kind of take a look and see where they're at and go from there. So Mitchell Schwartz. He had a back issue that he's still rehabbing. Yeah, he's still rehabbing that back issue last year's Iranian play in the Super Bowl, and he's contemplating retirement. And the rest of these guys. Anybody stand out to you other than him. Cam plaints. Dawson's old. I mean, he did a fairly good job last year. Yeah, but he's old. Yeah, Dotson's a fun guy. He's good in the locker room, but you can't You literally can't run the screen game to his side..

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