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Are coming out just proving the fact that she was well aware that her child was now dead and that she was setting stage to try to get out of town and have it not be found out the email to jj's school Is the day the last day that he was seeing the last day. He was photographed. It was that day that she said. I got a job. I have to leave immediately. Please close out his paperwork. He'll no longer be going to the school after. Go right away because i need this job since my husband just was killed by my brother out of self defense. I i have to take this job opportunity. So there's all this stuff coming out Another email came through from the husband that was eventually killed by her brother. Who's also dead saying you know a pleading with her trying to like go. What's going on with you. Took this money of my count anyway. It's all coming out Very disturbing last photos also in the last photos. Because i guess they got the camera of her brother alex who was also found dead of what appears to be like a stroke or a heart attack and they believe that he definitely had something to do with killing both. Jj and her daughter and In his in his phone. I guess along with the last photo of jj Was ammunition like a photograph of just Bullets in a box so I don't know if the autopsy what the autopsy showed if in fact they i don't i don't remember if They know the way they were killed yet but that was disturbing that he had that but also i did shoot the husband charles with a gun so maybe that had something to do with that case as well i mean they have so many cases to cover okay for fun note real house potomac second episode season six's in and what i do like about this. Is that these women would all hang out together. They are funny but they are awful to each other But they don't seem to be really hurt by them being off to each other. It's just sort of expected. I don't know if they're in an in on it together or what but they get together. and karen. Who's the grahn dom she's married to this guy ray. They've been married twenty five years. Of course they're going renew their vows or do something like that and they they nobody believes she sleeps with ray and they're all big about wondering what's going on their bedroom and she says to giselle. I'm very upset with you about what you said about race. Like what. I say when ray sacha down to say you better find a man because you're looks are fading. You said something very disturbing in your interview after and they cut to giselle saying My he'll be in the ground dead before these looks fade. I mean he's saying sh- her looks her fading because she's old and all she has the only she's going to get a man is through her beauty she better snatch before that fades and she's like hey old fart. You'll probably be dead before. I stopped looking good so i was like. Are we not talking. About what a rude misogynistic thing. It was ray to say that about giselle Robin is working hard. You know robin zeller. Best friends but robin went to visit her house and she did say it. Looks like a house attached to a house because she added on this other house two stories but she just kinda like stuck it up like you would a lego. And i'm like. Ooh gels not gonna like that when robin says because at one point you know robin Giselle might wanna sell that house. And now she's put it out there to the world that she thinks it looks really weird from the outside also. Robin storyline is that. She's kind of lazy and isn't waking up on time and we see next week that she allows the cameras to come into a bedroom where she's laying there husband's like you need to get up ones like you to get up and do something you'd like but i'm tired okay. This is where you're like. We got it this is your storyline. You're giving this producers because anybody else would go. Okay so robin were going to be at the house On ten o'clock on tuesday. And you're like okay so i usually sleep till eleven so i'll just be in bed while you guys put the bike on me and then come in and then i'll just ask like on the lazy person since that's my story. Line and people are either going to side with the or think that juan dixon is a dick There's a new girl named mia. She's the fourth wife of a pretty good looking older man. They have a couple of kids together. Got revealed that Besides all plastic surgery She met him when she was a bartender at a strip club. So one like. You're probably a stripper. I mean who cares. Shell said they had sex at a waffle house bathroom. so clearly. this check is i like that. She's honest she's like yeah. I worked a strip club. Yeah on the fourth wife. Oh they own. These joint. Chiropractic like franchises for chiropractors. Some home and get some good cracking videos out of that and then also Cheese really honest about all or plastic surgery. And i want to say believe that wendy. Who was the most accomplished with her four degrees is i think The one that will get the award for most changed once being on real housewives. She's gotten a bunch of plastic surgery. She no longer wants to be a professor instead. She's gonna sell candles. No joke yesterday's episode besides presenting the fact that she had her boobs that are stomach and her but done she is now starting your own candle line. I mean. I have joked about candles being a housewives. You know endeavor and one moment at one point. Megan king edmonds. Did it for like a minute. And i went to that party. But then she left the show and tiffany moon. That's one of her businesses. She gave me some candles. They're nice But this really. She's ready to like end. It all to do these candles so it's just kinda like slow your roll girl. This is and she's getting in fights with people and should not like the you know the intelligent woman that we'd see like an political correspondent roles and meanwhile ashley she's double She's pregnant with the second kid doubled pregnant. And she has told her mom that she just to give her husband blowjobs all the time so they did. It doesn't cheat on her while she's nine months pregnant and with a toddler at home and he's like sixty and not cute and she did on her twice before which we call on the show. Lastly candice is there and she's step mom to her. You know husbands kids and now he's going to manage her career and they don't seem to. That seems like that'll be some juicy stuff where he's like. I don't know anything about managing but she said she wanted to do this stuff. So i'm gonna yell at her until she does it. Anyway you guys definitely photonics where it's out watch potomac. Meanwhile real house of new york is in trouble they had the lowest ratings have ever had plus. They postponed the reunion And they were supposed to start filming again in september a new season and supposedly according to what i read. It's not gonna start 'til january now. So that is not a good sign for that franchise in general where they bring back some of the old like gills aaron and just make it or make two shows. I don't know what they're gonna do. But has not been fun or juicy season at all. Okay guys now for my very juicy interview an update of all things. Legal erica jane. Tom girardi related kimberly. Rt according to the cdc about a third of us adults report that they're not getting adequate sleep. There could be various reasons. Why but a simple thing that many people overlook is the quality of.

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