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A win for us all i may never hit a whole and wanted to end the championship now i may never cake that winning goal but the outdoors need a champion the may have one and nature's finest planes they have one in jail here in many people declared themselves whether experts to produce a cool day in june suddenly the world is ending crazy whether were having the more you know about anything the more since it certainly makes in my guest today is forgotten more whether than most of us will ever know is john gordon the meteorologist in charge of noise national weather service forecast office and walk so whatever you think you know about whether put that on hold for the next hour we'll talk to a fellow is basically done at all and there's not much out there this surprises him putt really unusual i did something very few people on earth do i quit hurricane for fifteen years hurricane owners admit the pippi find a few uh modern fixing them acquitting katrina that was fun but i'm glad of the underground go ahead and tell me that story about a hurricane hunting a house at work well there's a crew eight air force reserve throughout aboard in the hippie keeper air force gray they y mission for the national hurricane center in miami motive our mission in tropical storm americaine third eleven hours at it he wanted thirty two four engine turboprop or not very fact how i could see 130 here at the air national guard here low level and they have a bunch fancy weather equipment.

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