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And you're working this and this gym because you love it, then you're working this in this desk at the gym because you love and you want to go and train X amount hours for free because you're working there. If you're doing that, then you're going to open up. Operating other stores in that's your passion. It's fitness. You're gonna make it. You don't have to the college. Because that's what you wanna do your so set on that specific area. That's the American dream. You should be having to do what you love in. That will bring the career in the success after that money skew money skews up for these young guys. But I want to touch on something once if you experienced this yet, we talk a lot about when you get to a certain point, and you're managing people working with people or even dealing with vendors. There's a certain level of humanity that I think business forces you to lose or a callousness that needs to come about you in a respectful way to just hold people accountable and get things done in it feels. I don't know if you felt this kind of inhuman because you have to be a taskmaster not a friend to people have you faced that yet. It's interesting because I always hear the kind of tagline of like don't don't do business with your friends because it always ends up kind of bad or you get into kind of headbutting things again to go back on the super coffee thing. I asked them that specific question before I invest because it's three brothers, and they live together they live in the we work in New York City. They work in the we work in New York City that go down a floor. They go to the other room. They all three work together. They're here the travel like do you ever? Do you guys ever getting arguments or fights about that each or whatever like scream at you know, you didn't do your job this like no it really helped us become closer together and get our shit dumb. Because we don't wanna let down our our brother. We don't wanna let common situation it is. It is. I just find for yet. But I, but I understand that. I mean, it's a tough question. Because again, there's different everyone flex on anybody Patrick not like actual flex. But you know, what? I mean, like say, look, you're. Yeah. Look, there's there's different ways of going at it. I think I think like, okay, if it happens more and more and more than maybe there is that point where you need to quote unquote flex and someone get like me yelling at someone isn't going to do anything. If you're going out of being very specific fire. Somebody moving somebody out like if you had to like, yeah. Yeah. Of course. And but I it's never like after the first time. Sure. Something's not going. Well, I say like, you know, what did your done? I can't like like, no. Because then it's going to be a distraction for the company for the business for me to go look for someone else or get my operator to go find another manager or something like that all that takes away from the business. So give the person another chance. I mean, we've had that with our our specific stores. We've had that with other everyone goes through hardship and instrument everyone, you guys just said you're in your third year in the second year was such a learning. Yes, learning you as you're learning as a company, you're getting better, you're growing as a person you're going as John days. Oh sizzler. Earning. All are alerted for some other. Yeah. That's the pictures. Sorry. But no, I don't I don't think that that's like a great tactic to go in like, just, you know, again, not yelling. But if someone did such and such thing wrong, like help them understand it see how they can fix that. And then if they go in the future, and it's veteran stuff than great. If not then we'll work on that. But you know, like my dad always said, it's like a failures not a failure. If you're doing it over and over and over the same thing, that's a failure. But if you're learning from that, and you're switching things and your changing your growing as a person that's failure to lessen sure difference..

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