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The time there wasn't enough evidence to prove that the explosion came from nuclear weapons testing while most of the world was suspicious of shoko no law enforcement agency had enough to go after them but meanwhile shoko potentially possessed nuclear weaponry meanwhile seren gas poisoning continued on the coteaux compound on mount fuji in june 1993 several omb shinri kyo members defected and went to the police to express the suspicions that shoko was producing poisongas some of them who were in the know even told the police that aum shinrikyo was responsible for the failed anthrax attacks in tokyo in the same year from me hero joy you also purchased a russian attack helicopter to more effectively dispense sarin gas in 1994 shook who ran into some legal trouble he was trying to build a factory in southern matsumoto where seventy percent of the residents had signed a petition against his construction project angered he decided to use this as an opportunity to test up masami sarungi yes the day before three judges were going to rule against the cult alms shinri kyo attacked the city of matsumoto with sarin gas seven people were killed and more than one hundred and fifty were injured including the three judges upon hearing the news cure ueki son was devastated knowing that his failure to convince masami to leave the cult had resulted in the deaths of seven innocence show goes choice of using seren had a lot to do with the fact that shoko idolized adolf hitler the reason for his idolatry was probably in large part due to the fact that like hitler shoko harboured intense antisemitism despite the fact that it was unlikely that shoko met many jews growing up in japan focusing on seren made him feel closer to his spiritual mentor to shoko seren wasn't just a tool it was something he had a deep emotional connection to later police would find song's shoko had written to show his love for seren gas we actually have a few of the translated lyrics here with us which are in.

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