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Check in on some other Americans in Europe. John Brooks. Who's back in the moon dislike with hoffenheim, he started played 90 minutes in a four one loss. Over the weekend, got a deal through the summer of 2024 her. He's only 30 years old. And he was, of course, left out of the World Cup squad by Greg berhalter, but do you think he still has a role with the national team moving forward? Listen, Tim ream had made me question everything I thought about age when it comes to this U.S. men's national team. Tim ream that pretty much played the same amount of time in the last year as John Anthony Brooks with the U.S. men's national team and per Greg berhalter was in the same boat being too slow and not athletic enough to manage a high line and yet he made it to the World Cup and he was one of the better players at the World Cup so I'm not discounting John Anthony Brooks making a run for 2026. Brooke stayed straight into the fire against gladbach over the weekend. Playing against Joe scalley and Borussia monchengladbach. They end up beating half and home again by the final score of four to one. More transfer news. Actually, kind of free agency news here, really. Sean Johnson signing with Toronto FC is a free agent. The U.S. international, of course, spent the last 6 seasons with New York City SC where he won an MLS cup also was MLS cup MVP in 2000. And 21, Johnson apart of the U.S. World Cup team at the last World Cup. In Qatar, the 33 year old now playing for bob Bradley and Toronto FC. Diego Linus returns to Mexico, her joining us on loan from albes, the 22 year old Mexican international on a one year loan this after missing out on the World Cup. After he failed to catch on at albeit these in Spain or but I got in Portugal following that big money move from gluba America, he will reportedly earn 2 million pesos a month, that makes him the highest paid

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