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Pick no hitter with twenty six no hitter in dodger history the burst combined no hitter and tonight four for the price of one charley steiner am five seventy la sports the dodgers the most no hitters in the majors add to the latest coming in monterrey mexico walker bueller and a trio of la relievers combined on the no blanking the padres four to nothing mexico waited since ninety nine host the regular season game got a historic one first no hitter ever outside the us or canada and the twelve combined no hitter in major league history but how about this pitching performances well agreement with stacy here's what to yes sixteen strikeouts per garrett cole jared gold deal and katie emme he struck out a career high sixteen a one hitter stroz route the d backs eight to nothing he has seventy seven ks in seven starts that leads the majors jose bautista doubled in his first atp better the season san francisco though halted atlanta's five game winning streak gregor blanco a two run triple part of a six run second and nine four win the rocks hit the mets with a five spot in the first and hang on eight seven new york has lost four in a row twelve eighteen after their eleven and one star for fan tommy on our thank hit the the left is gonna leave the park partners lead tommy with his fifth of the year gordo's radio network tommy fans three run home run all of the offense the cards would need as they best the cubs three two two about the bucks.

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