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Athletics. Welcome back once again to inside. I what am I saying? It's how you basketball I had the talk show boat. I knew I was going to start doing some crazy stuff here as the week progressed. And it's already started. It's time to present the Indiana. Eight one hardest working player the game award tonight. Either goes to this is hard. This is a really tough one. I'm not gonna I'm about as confuses I've ever been here because so many players played well tonight, but I'm going to give his first ever hardest-working player the game tonight to Romeo Lankford. I thought Romeo did a great job. Especially in the second half of that first half. The last ten minutes of the first half really started getting going authencity scores consecutive points for Indiana. Help the hoosiers extend that first half lead nineteen points tonight for Romeo four total rebounds, three assists, only one turnover on seven twelve shooting. If he shoots just halfway decent from the free throw line. He's got over twenty points for the game. Only five eleven from the free throw line. But I'm not worried because Romeo has got a real nice soft touch around the rim. It's just a matter. Him getting comfortable getting in zone here shooting free throws. He's gonna shoot a lot of free throws for this Indiana team this season. I have no doubt that that stat from free throw from the free throw line will improve as a season. Whereas on I was thinking that you might just give it to Roberts tonight because his plus minus tonight was thirty six which bettered anybody else's on this team. I know ROY Pfitzner had fourteen points on five or six shooting and he had six rebounds. So he played really well too in limited action. So there's a lot of guys I could have given it to here tonight. But I'm gonna go ahead and just break the CO give it to Romeo Langford. I feel like I'm going to give a lot to him this season. I might as well just get the first one out of the way. All right. The hardest working player of the game to Romeo. Lankford? Brought to you by Indiana..

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