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Who's that quentin crisp yes and that was john playing host most fabulous camp thing so that was what i was like i've gotta get to america and i just thought all my problems would be solved i went to america so i wasn't quite sure what i was going to do because i was you know after you could do view as little analogy sort of english reading person what are you gonna do media so there was the bbc really fancy that and didn't know what to is bit clueless really i just knew i had to get to america and then my roommate lovely guy tim whitby he his momma was a major media executive so he just knew what to do because i had no clue and he applied for this thing to harkness fellowship and basically it promised you two years in america chew ish paid living expenses just everything and he was applying for it and i'm never going to get it sorry competitive won't apply for it to you know and it was like a nightmare application i remember such days after the interview but long story short i got it and he didn't really unfortunate his mother i didn't think forgave me so i went to film school and what year was that when you arrived in new york abbas nine thousand nine hundred eighty two good goodyear we into the music that year oh just goes i love my way oh yeah and there was also tainted love your oh.

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