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All right well we are rolling now yeah like that the rolling now we're rolling all right we're talking to Trevor James that ranger and charges ever man the founder of JZ management and we're going to get to the scramble to have called in a minute because a lot of people have been calling in our borders let and let out wanting to know how they taste but before we do that judge I want to ask you something because I read with interested your comments about how difficult it really is to become a you tube sensation and he said to be prepared for fickle fans clueless advertisers and poor support from you to tell us you know you have so much experience in this arena tell us how you came to say that so I you know I've I've been in this in the digital space and with you know working in the YouTube at ecosystem since twenty fourteen and back then you to put out an announcement of that there are over four hundred hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute wow that was twenty that was twenty fourteen and so you can only imagine what it is now and so the amount of people that are trying to make IT and be wrecked recognized and have successful channels is in the millions upon millions of people and so when you get to somebody like Travers astragalus here which is in the point zero zero zero one percent if you talk to most creators they never wanted to be famous they did it for the love of just creating content it's pretty rare to find a creator you to work that once they they started off not doing this just to be famous and so that's a really interesting thing here right is that that you know people who want to be famous in in in LA right you go do you have an agent and a manager and you you know you do the acting thing or whatever you need to do Dodge are you there the if anyone has washed cover anybody has watched content that resonates with them is because they have a really strong why and you know so when people say oh should I become a youtuber my answer is usually no unless you are doing it because you love to create content and to share what you create I don't expect to make any money off of it you know that's really good advice because I think a lot of people like anything you know we live in LA and we see people coming here all the time trying to make it big not realizing that you do have to have a love for what you're doing because it doesn't happen overnight and and one of the things when you look at the food ranger you see the real love that Trevor has for some foods that I know Kerry and I would never eat me too me too okay we had tried to call well that's all I want to hear about is the rocky mountain oysters that's that thing nine well I think we're going to go down this topic here this is a tactical dishes is famous in quite a few countries around the world and I I model it didn't try local food and if it's there he left we we will usually they say now that it's been in danger to be he's R. or household pact that the the limit I think and for **** yeah it we've had a beautiful home cook Neil was that in three lines that you can find it real in Pakistan and in Malaysia there well peanut soup the the letter goes on and I mean do you do do you have money he **** or is that just like literally it's I mean they're people that they get the the rest of the animal I I don't I mean it's not something people choose to do you know it's funny because it reminds me of when I was in Israel I was with my mother and my mother was on the show earlier talking about what it's like being alone in her home without anyone around and we were in Israel and we are at a Chinese food restaurant and the man came up to my mom and said do you like **** and my mom looked and said excuse me and she said **** you wanna **** and he was saying peanuts but I came out in itself anyway sorry I just it just I just I mean do people really I mean is that like a delicacy or is that something that people take because they they they get the rest of it the rest of the animal I think that we've been on the menu a few times in a few different places and we've we've tried it and and usually the answer that when I pressed for more information I ask so what who is this and what this for usually the answer is that it's good for a man tell I think you know it's too bad we do a radio show you see faith see it's it's priceless but you know Trevor you said that and there's so many I foods that you really would love and eat and that others don't but you have put a stop at unidentified organ meats so as long as they are identified you'll try but I'm not gonna fight you won't yeah yeah I'm not really going around the world to try and do shock value content I'm just trying to hit the show people how friendly people are around the world and Cheryl what little food if we're we're not really in the spirit of the extreme and we're we're we're more in the case of the delicious and then the night the night so what's the most delicious thing you've ever had well the there yeah there's a lot of food and some of my personal favorite food in Indian and Thai food and and that's why we love living in Malaysia because there's a multi cultural team here there's lots of Chinese lots of Indian food lots of Mullaitivu and we've been to India at multiple times same with that Pakistan Iran had some amazing food we reject any rhyme last year we visited the the saffron farms where they they produce most of the world saffron where all of the food and views but background lots of good food all around the world and in that in China Sichuan food is great the Dan Dan noodles and hot hot kind of food that that if they would really be hard for me to nail down my my absolute favorite and when you say we are you referring to your wife team who has played a real huge part in making such a success talk a little bit about that exactly my waiting is from Guang Jo China the the land of that dim sum and Cantonese food and we met actually and at the very beginning of this this endeavor to create a big find YouTube channel we made in Turkey in twenty fifteen in Istanbul I would just fill me myself and I looted and it sounds okay create some content and we met at our hotel and then she started to help them and from then on it was that a team a team work endeavor and we've that we spent five years living in China creating content together and we we just moved to Malaysia wow what an amazing story and you know Josh we can just hear in Trevor's words the passion and the love not only for his wife but for the foods and what he's doing in the world than traveling but to be successful Josh you really need the sponsorships and you need to be able to make enough money so that you can continue doing what you love tell us a little bit about how that works and how to get the sponsorship so right now it's probably the worst time to get any sponsorship yeah that's rod builders builder yeah tactically gone right now but usually what happens is when you get to a deal E. reasonable size you're gonna have brand approaching you or you're gonna have a manager or a lawyer or an agent reaching out on behalf of you to do different kinds of immigration so there's a couple different ways to make money one is the money that comes in through the ads that we all watch on YouTube one thing that that is really important no interest for for everyone out there she noted that you know when we you know if we're watching one of Trevor's videos and if they're that ad that comes up and you know that we have that low six second yeah it is right after six seconds we can skip it so if you skip it however doesn't get paid and so on what what it's called it's called as CPM which cost her album so if there is V. A. a advertising is willing to pay a dollar per thousand impressions well it's going to take a thousand people actually watch the ad not the video but they added for Trevor to make a dollar and then you took comes and goes Hey thanks we have a you know eat a maintenance fee of forty five percent wait so let me ask you this why can't you make people watch it like why can't can you say K. is there is there is some don't we are not he Trevor anyone else is not allowed to tell anybody to watch that I'll just keep playing instead of having the count down to where you skip can't you just say look we just want the commercial there so we don't get to pick the commercials actually it is all so there are higher different kinds of commercial the one that you can't skip and those actually are higher CPM value so if you don't skip ad you know that money then does float to different to that of the creator but we you don't know how much that that ad is work we don't get to control what ads are put on on on on on the video I see I see that's very it is very interesting though that you can't say look just play you play the commercial whatever commercial maybe before they have Trevor goes up it's very you know it's a usually yeah at the end of the season adding Christmas time that the BPM will be a lot higher but if it if you know the economy is not doing well then they'll be that advertisers placing ads in videos right okay right now it is so what are you coming up with ideas now thinking about what's going to happen clearly we're going to be living in a different world at least for a little bit after we get through that so how do you Trevor come up with ideas on how to maintain all of that passion and creativity that you have when the dollars and sense of it may not make as much sense as it did before at least for now yeah I think it's important to be able to add data and and and and deal with the change so right now we're planning on doing some video that home cooking some night the food that we've been inspired from through our travels and I think once it slows down a bit and the situation gets better I think the first step is that the the border it might not open but one hundred percent safe to go outside and eat in restaurants we can continue creating local content here in Malaysia but who knows how long that will be it they'll work right we're at home right now and will be will be creating some content and maybe doing some live streams interacting with their followers I think it's a good time it is to to have a greater connection with our help with our followers yeah because we have everyone has a lot more time right now and I'm here to tell you well some great advice for you on that as well we're gonna take them out because we got to take a break but go ahead I was just gonna say that Disney exclusive for you guys traveled not announced that she was four million almost four million on on YouTube in two or three million on on Facebook and six hundred thousand on Instagram you guys got the scoop he was great not within a day well Josh I I hope you can help us because I know you've helped so many people get it out to the world because we're happy to use our platform in our format to get that scoop out there and and we always need a little help and that's why Josh is there he helps out when that people like that that don't have me being a lawyer I don't have a whole lot of in this like you guys do so we appreciate any help you can get that right now we need to get some help from our sponsors we.

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