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The Rex. L use a 24 7 news Death. Last Chevrolet dot com. W b A P first traffic and weather on the ones still in absolute mess out there. Avoid even leaving the house if you can. Today I 30 East found so closed Bob Towne, his move out through Garland closed again around the book Bush shirt like they're on the eastbound side. This is all because of separate accidents. That reply got about four or five of them on the bridge itself there, Lake Ray Hubbard. Now the one downtown I 30 eastbound between riverfront knackered Still completely shut down. Because of that one also got delays on south and I 35 years you continue down the open, playful insect world way still temporarily closed there. They had people turning around on the bridges themselves. Now we do still have so many accidents that I can't list of marble westbound 6 35 in March that one's backing things up really all the way back to the high Five area. Also, I 20 East and West van around the Bush Turnpike and Grand Prairie. A wreck a new 11 83 headed east founded You moving Irving there right around the Bush Turnpike. 27 North bound, getting on the high 20. It looks like that Rex still there. We do still have one of four or 5 30 eastern around Anderson that was blocking the two left lanes. WB AP First Traffic on the ones I'm Monte Cook only classic Chevrolet Ingrate bind can bring a classic red, white and blue sales event this big America's largest selection of Silverado, Tahoes and Suburbans Shop Classic Chevrolet calm by new roads. Meteorologist Brad Barton in the W B A P. Weather center Winter weather advisory through noon here in North Texas, and then until I think six o'clock in central Texas down toward Waco, and I was checking to see where temperatures are finally above freezing. You have to go all the way down to Austin to get something that's.

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