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How's your day. Go and sun shining. It looks like a great weekend. What yeah yeah. We were just talking about that and i think we're looking forward to some a nice spring weather hopefully will get a little bit this weekend so i think i think we're all just wish starved for to be able to get outside but winner behind us and start talking about spring. Yeah no kidding. And and speaking spring nothing goes finer than some yard work. And i had a nice cold one. After so i'm super excited about today's guest joining us today is would c. e. o. of rally beer company. Obviously album loves to drink. Beer loves to linger at the trail head after a really good bike ride. We had some great conversations. Can't wait to get into it today. Without and ellen has over ten years of experience where he worked with the startup up businesses that range from consumers goods supply chain technology and telemedicine. So this guy's been around. Welcome to the show allah robin and al. Thanks robin me. Really excited to chat with you guys about you know the beginning of spring and hopefully a little bit of a rally beer and boy benefits. I think it's all you know. Part of the journey so excited to be here this morning. We'll let's let's talk about it. Let's drop into it. What is rally beer and part to that question. How did you come up with the idea of combining electrolytes b. Because i don't think when we announced that you're on the show and we're talking about beer today. People had any idea we're going to be talking about electrolytes because traditionally those get together. So how did this all start. Yeah absolutely so rally ear. Were unique kind of player in the craft. Beer business. Essentially what we're doing is we're building kind of a new category within beer often referred to as functional beer but it also kind of falls under the umbrella of another buzzword out there. That's better for you beer. So you've definitely seen you know the michelob. Ultra of the world. They're sort of pushing their locale. Low car beverage as a better for you kind of alternative to your traditional beers and.

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