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Its low against pass and a slow against the run it. They don't have an imbalance where it's one versus the other is because they have they they're. They're not allowing opposing quarterbacks to read them right. They're they're using those three safeties or showing false leverage is just so meaning like The wide receivers don't know if it's inside or outside. They don't know which leverage to to choose, so they're tricking people, and that was an interesting part. Because then you see a guy like like. I told you folding in young guys with some of the guys like you saw chased win avenged last. Last year have a really nice first year in the third round pick because he was able to benefit from the extra time that the eighties corners give him in order to rescue passer. So you know it's it's an interesting. It's an interesting blend, and obviously if it's bill ballot check, you know that defense is GonNa. be where they shine, so it's not surprising, but it's three safety. It's the three API sets. That really intrigued me. I mean the depths in the secondary. Obviously the strength of this team and you know they were tainted. Obviously lost Stran- harmon. But for the most part they should be as good as they were last year. It'd be hard again. It's hard to be as good as they were last year on pass defense, so they're probably a little bit worse, but just from a talent perspective. They, have the personnel, and you know the players like Jesse Jackson who could step up and even take a bigger role. And as you mentioned correctly, it really allows bill bell check to. Do Bill Check things upfront quite frankly where they did lose a ton of players and I. Maybe I have too much face in him, but you know the Austrian. Miami we'll talk about Jamie Collins you know. It's always these guys who like left like. Whatever that's different cases Danny. With the lions cons, alliance you but Lord. Care I don't think I. Don't know Razi. It's Bill Belichick. He'll be fine I. Think I mean they day drafted Jesu chain average anthony. Jennings I think that'll help a lot of front, but. Y-. To right I know he's a safety, but and I talked about Eighty Daphne brought over Adrian Phillips from the chargers. They added some really key pieces that I think look I i. if there's one area that like, you can't question bill again. It's like defense like you just have to give. It's like all right you are. No one has a better proven track record of that so I mean. I'm not worried either. Duggar. overthink there is a few stories in New England written. After the Duggar not doctored draft. They drafted him. They hadn't children people right like? Yeah. What's Lenoir rhymes? I'd not heard of that before. Being told to watch Kyle Duggar before the draft us. More rhines Ryan's think. Yes so they'll sign Adrian Phillips. Hybrid Guy and I think people pointed out. There is sort of a concerted strategy to add speed and some of these sort of more tween Arash. Player is Joshua J. being another example as a way of combating rpo's, which is something. They struggled a bit with last year. And I wouldn't be surprised if that's true, but I think bill. Belichick just likes having. Chess pieces. Put on his board and move them around, so I don't know I'm not concerned about it I just. I, think the I not too concerned about the losses either I think it'll be fine, but I do think they're going to have to carry that offense. which brings us absolutely our final team Cynthia. The Miami Dolphins. I WanNa Steer? Dancing last year, but I'm not sure any of them irrelevant. Let's start. Let's actually let's start on defense because this is new. England South Yup. I went to college with Brian Flora's one. The yeah, he was a little older than me, but we read BC together, and he is one of if not the like absolute, as far as humans go like I if I could cheer for just humans, I would one million percent be Brian is one of the best humans. I've ever met really human. I think. Look hit us. Buyers clearly love him. He's clearly. Has such a success they're. Implementing culture and I like I like the way this defense is built I again. They're they're back to frontier. Seem like New England. The strength of this team is obviously quarterbacks. They went out and signed by Jones who I think. He's the highest paid quarterback. It was before the. Signing so the title Yeah I think you're right. I think he's just fricken stolid man like yeah, he doesn't have the picks or whatever, but he's like a solid a minus player. He's just going to give you like like. He's a leader. I'll be leader on the defense, but year to year. From a coverage standpoint, he is utterly reliable now. Obviously, you've got. Sabin Howard. And then they actually, their safeties are former corners, right and Eric Rowe by McCain's. That's kind of interesting strategy, but You did that and then you know they went out. They added Van, noy another land Atlanta Roberts also from New England As you start moving towards the front like when I look at this defensive. Front, it looks pretty average to me. It's very clemson knee now because they drafted Christian Wilkins last year. I think it. Offensive Line coach is a former Clemson guy and then. Signed Shock Lawson, coming off of. Career season after a fairly disappointing year in Buffalo, so to your I like. What do you think is the upside for this defense Like how good do you think they can be? So. They have to me. They've taken some swings in drafting that. Make their good. Free Agent Acquisitions..

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