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I mean going into the season, I think everybody bucks fans, look that the division and thought that you know, the bucks would definitely be the worst than then that the same of the falcons on the Panthers would you know, sort of battle it out for the top three spots, and they were all potential playoff teams the now boy the falcons on the Panthers are bad. And so that was unexpected. And not a lot of fun for anybody. And I do think it is worth pointing out that both teams have suffered injuries throughout the season. Some pretty significant, you know, the falcons injuries are pretty well documented the Panthers I think suffered quite a few on the offensive line very early in the season, which arguably could could have been a big contributor to Cam Newton's getting banged up throughout this season. So let's talk about this game though. This is interesting falcons are five nine the Panthers are six eight. So a win by the falcons, essentially ties them, but would put the falcons ahead because they would have the better NFC south records to the falcons with actually the. Have the potential to finish second in the NFC south, which I don't know that that's something. Either team wants this point because they're essentially playing the sells out of draft position if they win this game, but that's a completely different conversation. So let's talk about the falcons offense going up against this Panthers defense, and to me this is one of the this is interesting because Brian last week, even though it was a loss. The pit Thor's defense actually held New Orleans to twelve points in Carolina. They they really really stymied that normally high scoring explosive saints offense. So what was the story there? What finally clicked that that defense showed up in the big way against the division rival? Well, the secondary showed up number one. Dante Jackson had himself a really good game as the Panthers second round pick from this year. They managed to get forced turnovers. They got they had a couple on top of the. Two point conversion return by Dante Jackson, which turned into two points for the Panthers. Front seven wasn't all that great. They still managed to get after breeze a little bit. But for the most part, it was just a it was just a herculean effort by lewke cly who had one of his best games ever. And the secondary finally playing up to what they seemed like they had the potential to be earlier in the season..

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