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Yeah. I don't know that scene where for me way, better than all the times, they're just piling on my Molly ringwald to makers say something when one way or the other, and it's not just that. I mean, it's the gen Nelson character fingerless gloves. He's counterculture everyone. He's he spends almost the entire movie either sexually harassing her by saying things like, hey, let's lock the doors. So we can impregnate the prom Queen. Threatening to rape. Right. Yeah. That is a threat. He asks Andy he's like, hey, you give for the hot beef injection. I think is the lines. And then you're like, oh, yeah. A forty year old man thought of that. From or like the skirt scene where he sees her. I was under the desk. Let's give some context for that. Yes. So he's hiding under the desk. The bender character is because he can't be seen by Vernon as he's under there. He sees Clair's underwear is this was a scene that that's not Molly ringwald in that scene. Legally, it could not be Molly ringwald in that scene. But in the in the New Yorker essay from last year that you're referencing earlier because Molly ringwald is like sixteen seventeen when this is film. So her mom is talking with John Hughes almost as much as she is. And there was one plot point involving a naked female gym teacher that they talked him out of including because it was just perverted and weird, but they could not talk him out of the underwear seen. And that was something that Molly ringwald mom was like really frustrating upset about. And like John Hughes would not back down on it. And so they had to hire a body double to come in and be, you know, the the skirt. Yeah. And so that is why that scene is there. It's just like that. That is such a classic example of like, your two women telling you, this is not okay. And he's like I'll hire someone else, and, you know, just like flexes on them in this, very gross way. Like, if if it's also like to say, if the actor you hired cannot legally do it probably don't do. It is a great indication, especially if the actor opposite them is twenty six years old like what are you gross? Yeah. And then where men to I think, so he sees her underwear. And then we see him move his face closer into her crotch area. And then she yelps was so we see her. And frame rather than him then and she yelps and then hard to say what exactly happens? But I think we can easily SU he doesn't know it happens. He doesn't know he, but the basically the bender character assaults her. Yeah. And then the reaction is immediately afterwards. Her like smacking him several times on the back. And then that doesn't get brought up. I mean that just puts still out at the end, but diamond. Yeah, God if every man that has halted you you had to give a diamond is for. Fucking God Jonah who is disgust opposite of what happens in Titanic with the Billy's. Hey, Mario Lopez here. And I really hope you can check out.

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