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He tweeted about what does developing in california we've talked about it here orange county california we had one of the state senators represents irvine and the environment there in orange county california as a guest a couple of weeks ago john warlock talking about the fact that no california is not all jerry brown country it's not all the bay area it's not all san francisco and it's certainly not all sacramento and there are a lot of americans who live in california who were pushing back on sacramento for their their policies their sanctuary state policies so we saw huntington beach we saw newport beach my old hometown we saw a irvine we saw orange county as a whole we saw san diego county now joining what a san diego county orange county having common there the closest to the mexican border if there's a whole lot of people crossing the border illegally and then integrating into the school systems and into the job market and into the social services it's happening in san diego and orange county more than anywhere else in that state and they're saying no we want to cooperate with the federal government we want immigration laws passed and now get this a new poll and this is not from some crazy right wing group it's the university of california berkeley the haas institute for a fair and inclusive society now if there's not a liberal sounding organization i've never heard one other the that doesn't sound like the institute for fair and inclusive society at university of california berkeley and their pulse shows that fifty percent fifty percent of californians support president trump's travel ban for a muslims that come from countries that are predominant not muslims people that come from countries that are predominantly muslim and have a history of terror i attacks against this country they also fifty percent are in favor of more deportations of illegal immigrants of californians so the president remarked on this today via twitter in his own inevitable inimitable way i shall read his tweet there is a revolution going on in california revolution inexplicably capitalized not sure why so many sanctuary areas there are four os and so so that's why i said it like that so many sanctuary areas want out of this ridiculous crime infested and.

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