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Getting kind of nervous because he was like a rugby cricket race car kind of guy, you know, very traditional heavy sport I sat down. I was like, what would you say if I was to focus my masters around eSports? I was ready for some backlash like that, that's not an actual thing. Do something on soccer football and then just do that later. Much to my surprise, he was like, yeah, cool, do it. Go for it. And so my first research report I did in my master's program was actually a case study on birchen digging into how does this 17 year old Dane have a really rough childhood than become the icon of North American League legends? Pretty cool case study to do, so did that and then did research on. Just overall performance in eSports, what does it take to get to the pros? What's it like to be the pros? What does mental fatigue and eSports look like? What does burnout look like? And all those kinds of things. And I did all that with the intent of coming back into the eSports industry, or not even coming back into these sport industry, but starting my journey in eSports with two primary focuses be one being changing the way the next generation of gamers approaches gaming because I want to prevent a lot of the things that I went through like that really that massive weight gain, the mental health struggles, social anxiety, et cetera, I want to help prevent those things from happening to the next generation. And then the second prong of that was, what makes the elites take and how do we recreate that? How do we make the next beer? And how do we make the next faker? How do we design training, so that this happens for more people? And so those were the two aspects. And so kind of a long story, but degree in psych masters in sport and performance psychology that I brought that back into eSports to try and change the way that we work with gamers. For sure, so you're lower than that of entry for a lot of amateur gamers as well and then I think you're doing a great job at it. Just so you know, we're doing a video conference right now. So obviously, Landon is a handsome man. He's not overweight right now. He's great looking. Ladies, he's available. I'm assuming he's available, no, yes, maybe. He's not. I.

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