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15 minutes, But 1st 6 45 traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the Finster's Tim Green wood. It's now a sig alert. The overturned car injury crash You heard about first right here. 101 South bound just before Vermont is where they're marking the SIG alert. The two right lanes are taken away. One car overturned. There may be as many as two other cars involved in this crash, and already the backup is building. It is packed solid from silver. So we're like all the way back to Vermont, now on the South bound 101, another overturned car injury crash this one in Huntington Beach, a jeep on its side on the four or five South bound Beach Boulevard off ramp. And they have closed that off ramp to attend to the situation for if I South founded the 105 East, a new traffic hazard reported in lanes. Also trouble in Norwalk Imperial Highway on Ramp at the 605 South bound a car into a tree. Also, we have AH, 91 east found at Green River Road heading into Riverside Don't take their closing the fast track lanes. Until about 10 a.m. for some repairs, and they will just divert you over to the regular mainline lanes. You should do. Okay, There's not too much volume through there westbound on the 91. As you cross the 15 through Corona. There's some extra slowing could be due to some road work. But I don't have the notation about that. If you do give us a call at 323467 10 70. Next traffic report. 6 55 I'm Tim Green Wood with more traffic reports more often and extends 70 news radio. We're waking up toe, low clouds and fog, especially along the coast. We do have a dense fog advisory in place for the coastal communities of Santa Barbara and Ventura County. That.

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