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I'm not your boy. I'm gonna be a great heart plans centered around. How about you fear alone? I'm gonna be the man. You know. How about you take me I'm gonna be in the world Series in every way you're gonna be. Oh, the new clothes. Yes, Barney, We all need close in this world. Humans have monetized everything. I never dreamed we would be paying for water. Before we forgive college loans. Maybe the government should mandate all water must be free Talk about rights. First long as we could remember, we humans have had to pay for shelter a place to live. Air. At least that's for free. Hmm. Not so fast. We don't breathe for free. It's called taxes. The right to breathe is paid for by the government. Taxing you. You want to be in this country, Breathe our air. It's gonna cost you Elif. Forget as an aside when I was a teenager. Remember figuring out if we could all stop eating, drinking and breathing? We'd live forever. No more pesticides, poison or pollution. But back to the essentials, which brings us the clothing. It only stands to reason. If you need close to where you're going to pay for them. Once again my original statement of premise there's only one reason is a fashion business, whole luxury business on the retail business to make money. I'll never forget. I was a young man. I was working for Phillips venues and I was in the hole with at that time, my boss and the pick Triarc of the company, Seymour Phillips of films venues and came over to us and said, Hey, guys, I have a question for you. Why we working? Remember, my boss was very smart and the best voice you can come up with, he said. Well, sir, we're here to create the best brand in America and have the largest shirt business in the world. What about you? So we're working on having the best product and making sure that we differentiate ourselves from the competition. Seymour Phillips said. Listen, guys appreciate it. You're on the right track. But there's only one reason we're here in this company to make money and don't ever forget it, and I never did. When I think about it, What is the most important factor in the price of clothing brand? You might say. Designer know how about style, Maybe the fabric I know country of origin where it's made. And the answer is no, No, no, no, no. The single most important component that generates value in luxury apparel is Holer. The wrong color, and an item is useless. The right colors. Priceless. I don't care how great to designer how great the brand the style the fit the fabric were made in Italy or France. The wrong color. Nobody wants it. And there's no value that is the price of color and nothing in fashion drives sales or creates profit or frankly deters from profit. This color this industry our lives. We are driven by color. Often the right color spells success. Conversely, the wrong color is a disaster. The choice of color is the color of money. Even if you think about ornament, whereas I looked it up. It set for 2020 Think about this black represents 22. A half percent of every car that's purchased in America White is 19 and three quarters percent. Raise 17.36% silver 15.64%. That's over 75% in those simple basic colors were all familiar with. Yes, those are the colors of choice. And that Is the monetary value of the color because I read an article that said, five years from now, when you go to sell that car, you will get a significantly higher price and value. If you have it in those colors that is the color of money. And tonight show that's exactly what I want to talk about. I wanna monetize everything. I want to talk about the color of money. Speaking of color, the always colorful my son, my calls my lawyer, Jesse Weber. Jesse, you got a favorite color? I do. I do. I like color. I like to change it up. But it's a little bit of personality. My eyes are like a bluish green. So here's a little tip guys, depending upon what your eye color is. I like to wear blue. It makes the eyes pop, especially if you're on camera. That's a little tip. So I like wearing blue. I really like wearing pinks. Believe it or not. When it's summertime, it adds something white pants. You look like a million dollars. My wardrobe. Though my professional wardrobe is pretty classic, I stick with Navy's I stick with Grace. I do do a little bit of like, you know, little designs. I do a little bit of stripes. I had a little bit of personally, but it's pretty conservative. Now. Well, if I go for it, I wear their most outrageous shirts. I just bought green pants where you know blue pants with Yusa on them. I like to go for it. That's where my personality shines. I feel like I have a little bit more Willie way when it comes to golf. But I think colors very important. I believe color can be occasion driven. That's my take. What about you? Ah, first they want to comment. I think your suit's a perfect But your casual not so there's so many misses you try and be very shocked. Yes, simply choices. You could look better consistently, although I will agree that your golf is strong, but Color suits you as well as classic I don't know. Yes, my opinion. I'm simple. I've taken simple to an.

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