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Talked about it at when get bright put in at work is not hot enough to melt the ice off the glass. Okay Yup see I dealt with switching to. Led's in a plasma freezer so minus forty degrees wind chill probably closer to minus sixty. You had wind chill in freezer. Yeah Oh the fan. The fans are blowing a lot of wind. Chill ridiculous airflow but took him. We switched to led's because the incandescent lasted two weeks and the work. We're getting harder to find the quality ones For essence never got warm enough to actually really even turn on right and led's from the research. I was doing with last two years because compared to twenty years at a normal outside temperatures because of the At the lower temperature they burn brighter right and they burn out but if they don't even melt the ice and you have ice building then in. Yeah that doesn't work are strobe lights. You know the the line help them lineup. Were Five Thousand. Volt halogens those things bright and they're hot. Yeah that would melt the ice. What was your favorite food? That's a hard one Talk about food. Then you are boring. The shit cold temperature illumination on my God. So food was actually halfway. Decent down there Galley food basically cafeteria style. The staff down there worked really hard to make food taste. Good with the crap they're.

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