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Uh this is gonna this is proving to be hard to google uh let me see i mean whatever do was a gold farmer wants terry right that is likely ran a fucking what was the big one i was the acronym i'd ig breitbart i think is called whatever the biggest dial fell delivered the biggest wow goal farming outfit was yeah i g w whatever was i i this is free can't find it this is impossible to google if you go to google in type in steve bannon sneaking get alive but other do not what i was looking for anyway anyway he that dude played some role in making sneaking happen and we've appreciate your fan art of steve bannon the call in this new king i'd like literally i type that in the cool and i get a bunch of different permutations of the headline peter king senator peter king blasts quote disheveled drunk steve so apparently he was involved in the burger king 360 games in some way that came out recently the case i don't know how we believe that he wore thoughts mad i think that life could get any stranger there we are eric well well hopefully you guys have plenty of talk about the now we do yeah all right well let's do it for this show thanks for listening we'll see right here next week mm ooh mm.

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