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It's from the water right drink the water and i heard that if you take a shower you can actually get it because the waters going into your poor i say in a place for the waters filtered oh fancy but it does filtered but you eat around you always get a little something goodness you can go in the pharmacia and you go hey how far these are all up in our fire zia you can get everybody them cj selfies if i see all south the odds you're larry kelly robust stocks fell back to the show telling oribiting story artery excited just two tales laude story drew story doubts is taboo loss likes talking about number ju so are you ready to share your story and number two tells us on the air here okay so if everyone to why where you get a rumble in your grumble right and in the thing about in mexico for me is when when it happened i thought it was escaping it i was doing well well and what happens with me it's like nikki not like someone kicked senior balls get and like it's that you guys know with like your inside your stomach feeling if fielder thunder like building inning were so the indescribable yet no yes exactly like that but it's like oh my god when you have to go it's just like oh yeah hair lighting early that's my fear that's why won't go there 'cause i'm afraid of that so what happens and you get over you take a pill from the pharmacy and you get but let me tell you where mine hit me all good hit me in the place yet don't want it hit at the game bar the pool and outdoor game no not what did you say that the pool none of that is a place where it happened to me is where you just don't want it to happen during sex no i would argue even during sex or someone you love you go i know you laterally okay dinner now didn't get if excuse or so where'd you can't find a bathroom.

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