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Four 95 and three 95 southbound traffic is slow, southbound through the Springfield interchange on 95 delays will start to ease with the crash near the franconia Springfield Parkway overpass cleared a couple of minutes ago, but downstream, the latest crash on the main line is near the lorton exit exit one 63, and the rescue response to that one blocks the left lanes on 95 south. Northbound traffic is slow through Quantico because of a broken down tracked trailer just north of triangle exit one 50 to help truck behind the big truck blocks the right lane to left lanes getting by slowly northbound out of Quantico on I 95. Fairfax county Parkway gamble road medics were sent to a crash. I 66 eastbound, the crash passed one 23 was blocking the right side traffic backed up to 50. Westbound just having through center fill with four lanes to work with. In Maryland and Virginia beltway traffic is going to be slow, but for once, we have a moment where we don't have any blocking incidents, everything this app wise on shoulders of four 95 between Laurel and Bowie on one 97 delays lead to the response to a crash about midway between the BW Parkway and powder mill road. It happened near Snowden pond road and traffic was initially, I think, stopped there. Northbound three O one near excalibur road, it was broken down truck on the right, two 70, pretty heavy both ways through Frederick county that distraction is a damaged car on the median strip near the minoxidil scene of goo, both lanes are open both ways. Northbound from two 70 on to route 15, the laser easing with the motorcycle crash, near Rosemont avenue now over on the shoulder. You're moving better with all lanes open past that. Whether you're moving down the street across the country or around the world, interstate moving has been delivering quality moves. You can trust for over 75 years, visit their website that move hitter state dot com. Dave goldin WTO traffic

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