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For two days. Doug Peterson and ten minutes. What we say how we had. Will he be bristling? Oh, yeah. Well, he's gonna he's gonna be punching back. I can I can feel it. It's going to be punched back. Dante, John which she shouldn't by the way, they got to sleep in the bed. They've made or messed up or whatever. The terms of the phones degree agree. Nick foles gives a better chance to win on Sunday. And again Peterson his press conference here. Coming up in ten minutes. Let's talk to David Senator said he Dave you're on. Wwl follows fellow fellow tell you guys doing. Friday. Yeah. Heels. Good feels good. It's football Friday. Does. Right. I have a twelve and maybe we can figure out the local media hasn't broken a single eagles story. The only thing they broken is went and more upset that have information got out. Yeah. And I'll give you the answer. Dave because the organizations choose to leak to national people to simple as that. We don't know that. Well. But it's a trend the trend going around the league NBA NFL, correct? It's the big stories. The media doesn't has to do with. Bob is an outside at knows more about the guys who are. There. Okay. Now day that's a fair point. But I'm well. Hey dozen. But here's he doesn't know he's just giving it and in exchange that national reporter and reporters, protect the organization, frankly. I mean, it's it's you're right. You're instincts are a hundred percent right in that. This is this is what is occurring it's occurring with with in the NBA. It's a current with Schefter, and he and ESPN and the NFL with with you know, all these other guys rap sheeting Shams. Yeah, you're right. It is aggravating. And because we're gonna are choosing to go to the national guy. And it's it is annoying. Yes. He asked about never nervous. Nick, and whether or not he gives us the best chance to win. W's birthday does she gives us a better chance than Nick F fell? Well, of course. Okay. So therefore, that's type of the cars. We have this guy can get it. Nick foles does is. I'm good with it. I'm I'm good with setting the and down and picked it up again next year. Oh, great. I the best we keeping cold. All right, man. Dave, you got it. Let's talk another day. Dave and Chester. What's going on? Going on gentlemen. Joe, you're rubbing off me. Joe? I don't know why. But you're rubbing all for me last couple of callers, I've been agreeing with you. And this will be another one, John I love you to death. But listen hear me out completely couple of weeks ago to defense look like poop. And what what what what happened was the kiss kiss. Keep it simple stupid. Now. I'm not saying better quarterback. And Carson Wentz. I'm not saying that at all what I'm saying is Nick foles gets his hands. Quick. We dumbed down this offense a little bit. Yeah. I believe it gives us a better chance because Nick foles try to make the decision. He doesn't hold the ball to try to make the big. And there's good as Carson has been and will be he does hold the ball. Sometimes a little too long. Hence, all the fumbles and what have you? I'm okay now, you had said something about what did Nick do in weeks. One and two we would want to one. What we we we we gotta look at it. From this perspective, y'all we gotta be a hundred percent, honest is best receiver on the field with Nelson and no snag LARs nothing in this office this year for some reason. Yes, he had Mike Wallace. But you can't even compare that Carson Wentz didn't have Mike Wallace. So we don't know what. Numbers. He would have put up with Mike Wallace on the field or not. So I mean, the receiver she had with the exception of Nelson Aguilar anyone anymore with exceptionally. Sheldon. Gibson, de'andre, whatever his name is gone. We also had a full much healthier group of backs. He also had you know, a an offensive line that was supposed to be in better shape than what we're dealing with. Now, John what we've seen the first two or three weeks of the season. The offensive line was in shambles. Whether it be mental or physical, Jason Peters. Like, everyone was everyone was getting banged up. Nobody was ready for the season. I mean, that's basically what it boils down to. I can get behind that. I felt like they were not ready. That's for sure. But to say that that Nick who played an unbelievable postseason is now that player is presumptuous. And I think naive. I mean, I'm not saying that he's that player. What I'm saying is what we've seen from Nick foles. The past especially with this RPO type stuff. He makes his decision quick. And he follows through the decision. He doesn't let his is something else. And sometimes that that that that that is a a downfall because he doesn't take the big play. But he does get the bottom his hand fat. And if we do choose to run the ball like we've been the last couple of weeks, I think he does give us an extremely good chance to win over a Bank. It's one thing. I wonder if they'll run it more what they better while you wanna talk about that in inside the game yet later today. Joe the thing that bothers me most about this is that you are leading the last game cloud your opinion about Carson for this this whole season two games ago. If you'll recall after we beat the the Washington Redskins came out, and you said eagles are back. The eagles are gonna roll the eagles are solid. Carson looks great. We saw the old Carson against the Washington Redskins using his legs. And it seemed like yeah. And then. And then one way writer when he has a less than stellar game. You're saying, hey, good thing. You know, this is better. It's better. Now Nick gets to go in. He's the better quarterback. Anyway, gives us a better chance to win. I I just I feel like you're selectively remembering things, and yeah, it's a great narrative Nick gets a chance to come back. And prove he can do it again against the team that you know, put Carson out last year. Yes. This is like a fairytale three games. Right. You know, the the the symbolism parallels are just amazed. Yes, they are. But come on. All address that. Here's here's my. Here's my thing. I think that you're right. I mean, I I did feel real good after the Redskins game. I think the facts are that game was an outlier. You know, the bottom line is Carson do not have a good last month. He had a good game versus Washington. He was using his legs more, and I was also energize about the offense line that I thought had finally reestablished have a good last month against the giants. The week before he was twenty at twenty eight new so efficient isn't his his stats in many ways this year and completion percentage up seventy percent all that to me. It felt very hollow. I watched the guy play. I just don't see. That much effectiveness this year and certainly not in the last month. So I I hear you. I get it. I totally understand what you're saying. But on the whole, I think last Washington games more of an outlier Stockton Benjamin in Downingtown band. You're on WFAN. Good morning, gentlemen. More in Banja the amount of disrespect for Carson Wentz right now in this city is agreed just make you. I agree. Like this man literally busted his but the entire off season broke his back to try to win. Yeah. And we're out here talking about oh, we need dick foles. Yes. I'm with people yesterday told that they want to trade Carson Wentz. I heard that too. Like, are you serious preposterous? It's crazy the amount of disrespect that's going on right now from Carson once. Joe you perpetuating is worse because this is the flagship station. Listen that listen, I'm going to give you my opinion, whether on the flagship station, the eagles are not going to give you my real opinion. I mean Benjamin I think there's no doubt Carson Wentz better option for the future. I've never wavered on that the whole deal. He hadn't been playing in my opinion. I think in the opinion and Manny, particularly well, and I'm excited to see what Nick foles can do because I don't think Carson played that. Well, and it started back in October. Correct. When weeks three four five and six that offense of line was doing nothing, and he was getting hit what twenty times a game. Sure. So he probably he probably broke his back. Then he may have they may now listen bigger Benjamin. I'll give you when he was out. That's when he was out with the app from practice with the back problems the last two weeks of October and those games Carolina and Jacksonville where his most efficient of the season. I mean, he was it. Look at the stats are those. He was crushing it. I mean like. Without help and who's being hit. But here I hear you. But here's the thing. I'd say. The cumulative effect of the hits he talk which are really rough this year. I think had an effect on him. And so part of why I'm excited to see falls falls doesn't have those cumulative hits. I mean foles is the fresh arm right now in a baseball term foles guy coming out of the bullpen that hasn't pitched seven and a third innings. Holes is also the guy who proved last season, he's rusty when he first gets thrust back into the swing might not work. I totally get it. I know fulls might listen, it's not gonna shock. Anyone a full falls flat in his face in LA? Second shock me banzai you. Well, you said it gives you say he gives us a better chance than Carson. I thought the eagles had a very such a huge ask for Nick foles. You realize that I do I do realize that, but like all time huge huge news hugest not not desk after you just beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl. It's a huge Rask. Man to go out and play Ramstein that just got humiliated on national when the guy goes and beats Brady and Belle check in the Super Bowl, the Rams and all due respect. And they're having to find the same Nick foles is we've got right now. I don't know that maybe you're right now, I do I saw him play in the preseason. I saw him play the first two games of the regular. Raiders game. In the beginning of the Cowboys game. The best run ever. By the way, Doug Peterson Doug Peterson coming up any moment when he steps to the podium. You'll hear the press conference here on wwl pay. Let's let's get to it guys. John. First off, do you think we'll have a pushback, you know, agitated annoyed Doug Peterson with like why asking me that type thing. I think it suits his purpose to be annoyed. But I think he will be I think there's going to be a lot of tough questions asked today. I think I mean biggest questions what what what do you hope they ask him? I want to know how long has the team known about this injury. How long has Carson been aware that he has a broken vertebrae? There's so much that needs to be filled in that could give us some clarity. I mean, what what are the questions you're looking I would like to hear and it won't be asked. I guarantee you it won't be asked. But I would certainly be fascinated to hear did the organization leaked the information to Ian Rapoport right after press conference that Carson might be the year. Yeah. There's no way that's getting. And and if so why was that information leaked? Instead of you just saying in the press conference. I'd I'd like to hear that question asked that question won't be ask you James, you agreed like to hear that question that would love to answer even if it were asked. But I wanna know how how does Carson feel right now? What is Carson saying to you right now? Yeah. Jimmy, what do you want to? I wanna hear what how the locker rooms reacting to. I mean there were you know, issues we've seen the issues with this stuff. How is the lager acting and the medical staff so? Ask about the medical staff, and he has been and he's been very about the not just here. He's been trained. It's like, how dare you? What? Yeah. Well, what do you mean? What dog got seventy seven thousand players injured half of them were like in and out and then back and then close, and they're not and then here, and then gone like yeah dog, it's a legitimate question. What happened and Darren sproles hamstring. Where's Matt Collins? Where's my question is what happened to Jalen meals? I mean. You said publicly a month ago at the halfway point in the season. We get near duck a month ago. Samak house was close and then nowhere to be found. So what is the deal? All right. Doug Peterson seven to the podium any moment here. And as soon as he does it's gonna be fascinating. Here's Doug Peterson must be something going on good morning. Can you confirm? Carson wentz. Fractured vertebrae is at one is it is here's what I confirm that. He has a stress injury that this thing has evolved over time, and it requires zero surgery to you. Stress injury. You can on..

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