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A shot citizen Non citizen. Your driver's license, says California But you live in Texas. It doesn't matter. You can register at any of our state's vaccination hubs that you're willing to drive to. Jenkins says The odds of getting an appointment varies per hub. The impact of the covered 19 on airlines is evident and recent numbers and they're not pretty. Nobody behaved. He's quite never Southwest Airlines reporting its first full year loss since 1972, according to airline CEO Gary Kelly. Annual operating revenue for the airline dropped by 60% last year amid a massive decrease in demand brought on by the continued spread of covert 19. Kelly said the airline lost $3.1 billion in 2020 Clayton Nevil, WB, AP News Worth based American Airlines lost 8.9 billion it last year. Meantime, they're still slow progress on the coronavirus negotiations for a new relief package, despite efforts by the Bite administration to negotiate a deal. Boxes. Rachel Sutherland has the latest Democrats may try to go it alone on the president's $1.9 trillion covert of relief plan. Using a process called budget reconciliation, which allows for a simple majority vote. White House press secretary Jen Psaki says the administration is looking for compromise. Part of unifying the country is addressing the problems that the American people are facing and Working to reach out to Democrats and Republicans to do exactly that. Some Republicans want to break the package into smaller chunks. At the same time, GOP Senator Rob Portman once a deeper accounting of what funds remain from the $900 Billion.8 package from December Rachel Sutherland, Fox's grapevine based game stop was one of a few companies with surging stock prices on Thursday. After coordinated effort by users have read it and other error plotline platforms that is, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi waited. I understand that the administration is taking a look. SEC is taking a look at what that is, but we'll all be reviewing it. But interesting. Other companies being targeted included AMC Entertainment and BlackBerry. In the Rexall Use a W B A P 24 7 News desk. I'm Kim Lamb kins. Your next update is at 7 30 24 7 coverage WBF com And what a night for Jake Conjure first NHL Game First NHL win on a perfect for No home sand for the Stars Open the year SPO garage last night and her sister station the ticket at the end of the Stars. Red Wings game from the American Airlines Center. Good morning. From our Mercedes Benz and Plano's sports desk. I'm Steve Lamb. Seven star scored team finishes up the home stand to start their season will hit the road, therefore, and all perfect record off too. Caroline and Columbus before leaving town with a lot of confidence right now, Stars seem to be hitting on all cylinders, regardless of who they have on the ice. Well, it's it's a different story right now for the Dallas Mavericks. Well right now and on bits in every phase of the game. I mean, that's kind of a sad part of it is at this point, they're digging themselves more difficult perspective from which to dig out front follow of the TV voice of the Mavericks on a map. Steam that's lost three straight slipped being to 12 place in the Western Conference. Playing in Utah again tonight where the loss of the Jazz on Wednesday It was ugly College basketball s M U and a closer game than they wanted it. Moody Coliseum blowing a big lead, but Helen late to beat Memphis ponies were up by as many as 16 in the second half. But almost lost this game in Lawrence, Kansas. The Jayhawks had their hands full with TCU. I'm not gonna apologize for winning by eight at home. I wish we would have played better teach Kansas coach Bill Self after the 15th ranked Jayhawks survived against the Frogs, 59 to 51. This scored half time. Was 1918 in favor of TCU. 1918 College basketball game with the shot clock. Nobody could hit anything that you look at sports. I'm Steve Lamb. This'll morning.

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