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The boston celtics radio network celtics completely just blow out the cavaliers yesterday on mother's day a bucko eight to eighty three and they send a little statement to the cavs you want to just make this a fill out game we're not only get a beach you we're going to beat you going away not even make this a contest that's what the boston celtics said yesterday and the boston celtics have confidence and sometimes confidence it comes off as a negative connotation because when you're confident people then think you're arrogant and no one really likes an arrogant human being but the celtics have confidence and in sports you need confidence because when you're going up against a giant like lebron james some of that has been to seven straight nba finals you could either fall down to the pressure put your tail in between the legs like the toronto raptors and not be confident or you could say you're the best say that you're gonna give them problems and actually back it up and i know it's only one game so i'm not gonna say this series is over because that would be extremely foolish of myself but going into this one game marcus morris said he was the second best defender on the brian james in the league after kuwait leonard jalen brown sang the brand better be alert because if not he will make him pay and after one game marcus morris backed it up jalen brown backed it up now you need to back it up three more times in this series and take this team that has an underdog mentality even though there are two seed but you need to capture that confidence and that underdog mentality three more times in this series you got one down now three more to go and if you could do it for three more times in this series you'll be going to the nba finals you will be but we'll see if they're going to be able to keep lebron quiet and they won't be able to keep lebron quiet they could frustrate lebron but the brian is going to get his points in this series but the biggest key in this series because the celtics could score they have a lot of depth the biggest key in this series are what will those players it's the best stat ot l other than the bronco what were those players other than lebron do.

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