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Of each dining room table would provide a skit or some other entertainment for the upper classmen as a result they would be allowed to fall out or eat normally I don't remember why but I was in the schools very extensive museum earlier that week and saw really me looking **** made submachine gun back in those innocent days I just checked it out I was going to do a skit with a German accent we played good enjoy our steaks well I couldn't carry it into the mess hall as we marched informally so I went to the mess hall early in place the machine gun on my chair well one of the waiters was repairing the table as for the meal stumbled on my machine gun freaked out and someone in authority came and took it imagine my surprise when I got there and my sub machine gun was missing in certain last long as an officer showed up at the table with my weapon what do you know which dumb plea but left the machine gun out were civilian waiter you get to it I got a good joint out within a good laugh and I did enjoy mistake Earl you screwed up but I gotta tell ya it was worth it just so we can laugh about it decades later it's true and the stake was good too now some of her history time lead out skip on thirty one October nineteen forty one the US navy destroyer Reuben James was torpedoed by a German U. boat off Iceland killing a hundred and fifteen even though the US had not entered World War two nevertheless we were escorting supplies to England Germany's enemy not very neutral on thirty one October nineteen forty three during World War two lieutenant Hugh o'neill of VF in seventy five destroyed a Japanese aircraft during a night attack off velo Avella in the first killed by a radar equipped night fighter of the Pacific Fleet on thirty one October nineteen fifty two the U. S. exploded the first hydrogen bomb off into would talk a tall in the Pacific the first H. bomb ever Mike was exploded at seven fifteen AM local time on November first nineteen fifty two the mushroom cloud was eight miles across and twenty seven miles high the canopy was a hundred miles wide radioactive mud fell out of the sky followed by heavy rain eighty million tons of earth was vaporized Mike was the first ever make a town yield explosion the tests gave us a short lived advantage in the nuclear arms race with the Soviet Union following the successful Soviet that nation of atomic device in September nineteen forty nine we xcelerated our program to develop the next agent atomic weaponry thermo nuclear bomb popularly known as the hydrogen bomb this new weapon was about a thousand times more powerful than conventional nuclear devices the Soviet Union exploded a thermonuclear device the following year and by the late nineteen seventies seven nations have constructed hydrogen bombs the nuclear arms race had taken a fearful step forward and now it's really unstable well that's true on thirty one October nineteen fifty six rear admiral GJ do fact became the first person to land an airplane at the South Pole the navy man landed on our FOR D. sky train on the ice at the South Pole Randle George just Jack happened Douglas coroner captain William Hawkins Lieutenant Commander Conrad Sheehan lieutenant John sh whatever and petty officers JP strider and William called we were the first man to stand on the South Pole since captain Robert Scott in nineteen twelve on thirty one October nineteen sixty one US navy disestablished fleet air ship wing one and EP one and EP three the last operating units in lighter than air branch of naval aviation that late cursed New Jersey lighter than air flight was no more and on thirty October nineteen sixty five during the Vietnam War just miles from the land US marines repelled an intense attack by successive waves of Viet Cong troops and kill fifty six guerrillas a search of the dead uncovered a sketch of the marines position written on the body of a thirteen year old Vietnamese boy who was selling drinks for the marines the previous day this incident was indicative of the nature of a war which even the most seemingly innocent child could be serving the enemy for many many other instances with the south Vietnamese civilians that worked in or near the US bases provided information to have participated in attacks alongside the enemy and that's well Sir history for today skip it's time for armed America report what do you have all of us here at front lines of freedom one our listeners to get training get armed in that order we fully support the right to keep and bear arms for all law abiding families and we encourage you to find out about the laws governing use of deadly force in your state and follow them to the letter and of course don't forget to follow the rules of safety and common sense whenever you're carrying a firearm to protect the ones you love what's the story this week colonel well in Phoenix Arizona a knife wielding carjacker was fatally shot while attempting to rob a nineteen year old band at a gas station the man was seated in his car by the fuel pump with his door open a woman allegedly approached the driver to distract him as a carjacker snuck up behind the vehicle owner with a nice and the man of the car the vehicle owner pulled out his hand gun fired several shots striking the carjacker the carjacker died of his injuries at the scene the vehicle owner call police immediately to report what happened and waited for the officers to arrive the woman with the carjacker allegedly fled the scene our police reportedly found her hiding in an area residents and arrested her she was booked in jail on two felony counts including armed robbery thanks Carol this story is the oldest trick in the book but one that still works and is used time and time again with great effectiveness since the dawn of time criminals have used women to act as decoys to distract unsuspecting victims sometimes a woman will knock on your door well armed men wait hiding in the bushes while other times they sneak up from behind while you're talking to the woman from inside your own vehicle well it's a natural instinct for men to be distracted by women it's paramount that you not lower your guard when a woman you don't know approaches you in a public space sometimes they feign helplessness and want you to go with them somewhere give them a ride this is a bad idea for a lot of reasons don't fall for it I'm not saying you should never help a damsel in distress I'm just saying you should listen to your gut instincts and be very very careful in this case the young man was aware enough and brave enough to draw on fire his gun before he was stabbed one of the challenges here is getting out of the car without getting stabbed or shot police officers refer to their vehicles as mobile coffins when faced with a gun wielding attacker get out of the vehicle as you draw your gun and seek the cover of the engine block if the attacker has a knife shut and locked the door if possible and then draw your gun this young man did a great job keeping his cool and taking down the bad guy my word of advice chivalry isn't dead but you just might be if you fall prey to a nefarious damsel in distress that's sounds like seriously good real truth okay are moving in the month of remember the fallen it's an awesome movie please go to the front lines of freedom website go to the blog get the link you can watch it for free for the rest of this month as you know we just reviewed it for much of freedom Mike Haiti the executive director and founder of the institute for veterans and military families you're gonna be amazed at what they do we'll also talk with marine vet envy a whistleblower brandy Coleman things were getting better at the VA another getting worse and of course we'll review this week's of scabby.

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