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Bobby Bobby, Partner, Jim I discussed on MAD MONEY W/ JIM CRAMER


Twenty five percent to pull off a little of fifty percent plus one hundred percent you take out the houses money and then you let the rest ride it's been my rule and it's worked for me Eh for more than forty years Bobby Bobby yes how why is Jim I'm doing well how are you all right good sixty now neither you nor your partner will be able to qualify for a loan to buy a car or a home or perhaps even just kept on credit card these things matter in life I know they say money can't buy happiness but I've always found that bit of cliche commercialism to be dubious at best since being broke as I know from living my is a major buzzkill firsthand I spent time six months in my seventy eight four fairmount I lived in California I should I wish I had an expert to guide me through all this money stuff way back when although I still put money away for retirement I lived in my car I took out my home owner's budget it's one of the most important questions out there what actually should young people do with their money first foremost you need to invest. That's the only way you're going to be able to chief financial freedom and buy freedom I mean living a life where you're not totally dependent on your paycheck for everything I'm always thrilled when I see members of the younger demographic feel like they have all the time in the world and many more start investing before they're truly ready in fact better things for them to do with their money they think they have but they don't they need to invest invest young Invest Young Invest Yuck Ed mentioned before but it's especially true for younger people because banks have gotten really aggressive about offering.

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Bobby Bobby, Partner, Jim I discussed on MAD MONEY W/ JIM CRAMER

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