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He was like a top producer and he put the band together and you know we recorded some things for a label called bell records which is now to records and had some success with that and then at some point i i've been on the road for four years and i decided that if i can't be the beatles the rolling stones i had to quit because i had no interest in mediocrity at that point i moved out to california and i was working in architecture and engineering i saw a one that in the newspaper for toy designers and i thought well you know if you're a designer you're trained in architecture and graphics and you know all the arts maybe i could do that so i got a job work at this toy company and the toys it was called what was the name it's call paper toys and what it was is famous architectural buildings around the world and famous automobile designs and they were made of paper that was on stiff cardboard and you would cut them out in in assemble them it was it was quite beautiful and as it turned out the financing for paper totally fell through i'm talking like nineteen seventy seventy four seventy five and the guy that had created the company had been a television art director on shows like sunny and share and the newlywed game and hollywood palace and you know lots of interesting shows when variety shows were maybe sixteen shows a week on three networks so.

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