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Washington. This morning is that the Justice department is not expect the final report from special counsel, Robert Muller until next month. The Justice department issued a rare statement and confirmed that they do not expect to receive. A final report from the special counsel for at least another ten days house. Democrats also said a letter to the attorney general demanding that when he receives this report that he released as much as possible even though legally he's not required to release anything. Paula reid. CBS news, Washington and staying in Washington for this next story, the president has made his pick to succeed Nikki Haley as you went ambassador and correspondent Kaitlan Collins says the current ambassador to Canada Kelly night craft the nod ultimately she's going to be replacing Nikki Haley who stepped down at the end of last year. And replacing Heather Nauert that was the State Department spokesman who the president had said he intended to nominate for this job, but never nominated then last Saturday night, she withdrew pretty late in the evening and craft has a lot of support from top Republicans. We know this is some of that has been pushed by not only Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, but also the secretary of state Mike Pompeo for this role. The president Twee. Kelly has done an outstanding job representing our nation up in Canada. And he hopes knows that under her leadership. Our country will be well represented at the UN back home. Police are warning women in south Philadelphia to be careful as they search for a suspected serial rapists, who's been targeting victims for at least the past two months. The story from KYW's Kristin Johannesen since at least December twentieth. Authorities say a man armed with a knife has been attacking women between midnight and eight in the morning special victims unit, captain Mark, Bergman says sometimes it starts with a brief conversation time to women are approaching their apartment or trying to enter their apartment winning approaches them and enforces them inside and then attempts to or does sexually assault them. In one particular case, he s for a hug from the Orlando sexual assault. Bergman says the assaults have happened on both sides of broad street, including point breeze graduate hospital in queens village. Several the rhymes. He's been observed on a bike is expected. Attacker is described to be shorter in stature with a beard or moustache about thirty five to fifty years old her pictures and video head to our website KYW, NewsRadio dot com. Kristen Johanson, KYW NewsRadio Drexel students United against hate. After an incident hits a bit close to home the story from KYW's, Andrew Kramer after learning that someone wrote a racial slur on the dorm room door of an African American student junior. Shelby Ingram.

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