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Auto. Hey andrew listen before you go real quick. We're up against the clock in your broadcast last week. You said i think everybody should go for it on fourth down and they shouldn't use the kicking game and i can't believe the amount of hate that you've been getting and i know some of those guys like me who were free agent kickers just trying to make teams going. Hey andrew how am i going to have a chance to make the team if they don't if they don't let me have a chance to kick a field goal in preseason. That comment was a kind of a throw and it blew up. Dude i like it. Yours meal i said it really poorly scott. You're totally right. It was. I did not articulate my fault clearly and you texted me jay. We text may so like. I believe aba specialist blowing up my phone during wow When i meant to say with kind of what ross tucker said last night at eagles patriots game and what loss entities that far better than me was like. Hey it's fourth go for a pre season sports down. Just go for it. I get you need to see special teams. I get that a lot of guys. A lot of coaches want. Your guys wanted to kick off guy too short. So you'd see your covers teams can do. I get it. But it's like for down right like like just go forward mad. I love it man. Walk with sam last night. I love it the kickers blowing up your phone. I love andrew. Great to talk to you. We'll be watching you tomorrow night. For the rams and the raiders. thanks man. Hey glad we probably did a democracy tomorrow. Yes sir fun all right there you go. I just to solano stopping by everybody stick around. Would you rather is right around the corner. This is donna and cap on seven ten. Espn i got it. Thanks a lot chris. Appreciate it and we're gonna start with cap on this game cap. would you rather time. Would you rather always have an annoying song stuck in your head or always have an issue that you can't scratch. I would rather always have an annoying song stuck in my head rather than having an annoying it. I i gotta tell you something to marco. I got a breakthrough case. And so everything's fine. I'm good. I'm all good. There's only one remaining holdover and that is this horrible metallic taste. That's in my mouth. But i also think my left. Armpit itch is like a mo fo dude. I don't know what it is van. I've never had this before but every day my armpit i'm i swear to you in my left. Armpit itches so bad. I don't know what the deal is. So i would much rather have this horrible song stuck in my head than that. I can't read one hundred. I agree yeah. That's torture man. That's that's almost claustrophobic. You got an issue can't reach. I mean you wanna talk about going crazy one. That's in like your foot and you gotta shoe and you're on an airplane. You can't really move all my god. I'm sorry knocking people out with elbows. Taking the saw. Definitely the song i. That's that's me. That's normal. Laura all the song because i feel like if i have a conversation with somebody and they'll tune it out or something. Yeah rick ashley though. But i'm okay with that song. Like i'm really with that being over and over. Yeah yeah all right demarco. Would you rather be batman or iron man. Oh dude easy. I'd rather be batman. Yeah that man is half crazy. You know what i mean. Batman is really psycho. so he's he's just doing the right thing because he's doing the right thing but you know he subject to go nuts. So i'd rather have that than the iron man and you know you always have to be good and it's it's a suit you know. I'd rather be me batman. of course. yeah. I think when you say the when you say batman versus ironman. Here's what i hear my head. Dan n n n n n n n n. And then. And then a batman. And then i also here i i are so because of that. Greg bergman i immediately gravitate towards. i'd rather be ironman. They're both billionaires right there. Super-rich both guys start. And yeah bruce wayne. Yeah wait a minute. I think. I want to change my answer. Yeah be iron man. Yeah yeah yeah. Dot com back just started thinking about that. Wait a minute. Laura soul or a guy. That's just free okay. I would much rather be a baddie woman so you know what home ago with black widow. Even though that's not a part of the would be iron woman or bat woman. Can't iron woman all right just got to put the woman in their county to be no man all right. Well you get to start this one anyway. I think i might know where you're gonna go. Laura would you rather have a third ear or a third. I owe my well. I already have a third. I why. I knew you're going to go that way. So i'm just going to have their plopped forehead. Yeah already have it so might as well. I'm super intuitive for me. I just feel like have that. Third i like. I already sense things. And i'm good so picking my lottery tickets all america. What do you think third. I thirty or third i. Yeah i think. I can do more with the third. I i mean what's another ear gonna do you know. And i'm only set up headphones. Everything you know third. I think i'd rather have a third i right. Does that make you a little. But smarter better with a third is than thirty or thank you. Yes have all girls in my house. I have all girls in my house. But i think i'm going to take the third ear and i'm going to tell you why if i were to ask my kids. Should i take a third or thirty or every one of those kids would go ear. And the reason is and i'm not sure if this is really the case but i think twenty plus years of having headphones on. I think i'm death. I mean i literally cannot hear things at times. And maybe it's just me tuning things l. lanes lot but i'm serious dude. I think if i had a third ear. I might hear a lot better..

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