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COUNTRY Tonight. Ryan Edwards. Benjamin Albright Hit us up on the text line 56690 or on the phones three or three. 713 85 85 man. Chris could text talking about Jews. Ms Schuster? Yeah, he danced on the logo, and that's why I'm supposed to do that. And he's having a struggling game. Mind you, by the way before we well, you know, I'm not here to say because I because then I'd be jinxing it So I'm just gonna let that roll. It's interesting watching the Steelers struggle tonight. But it's not like obviously the Broncos or any situation to say anything otherwise keep voting on our poll question at Gateway, Colorado. Right. Let's hope justice it has made their first Pro Bowl. Who else should have made it right now? Careful getting 72% of the vote tied right now. Brandon McManus and Bryce Callahan Alexander Johnson, I think should get more love and I think by next year We'll be having more conversations about Alexander Johnson getting problem look, he leads inside linebackers are off the ball linebackers in pass rush opportunities. He leads. He goes outside, so they're sending him constantly. He's he's showing some really, I mean, really dynamic abilities but again. It's he. He is like Josie Jule. There are a few limitations there and by the way, man, the bills they absolutely picked on Josie. Every time he got lined up on a tight end, and they knew he was in coverage, even if he was passing off coverage, like they had a deep, deep cross. Two knocks that was completed and Josie Jules, you know he was in coverage, but the idea was like, Hey, we're gonna We're gonna shadow there so that it won't be all on Josie. He still needs to be the underneath and he couldn't even keep up to that. Well, yeah, Bill's very clearly had a game plan. They were gonna pick on the rookie on Dick on. Try to pick on Boss be. They did a little bit. They like digs up on Bob's being kept trying to, you know, keep trying to work him. They got him on a couple plays, Boss. We made a couple plays to, um You know, you know, he had interception old back. Just Bobby should have, like five interceptions this year. You know, he's dropped three and had to call back So it's just It's just funny to see that it's not funny, but it is funny in the in the non funny, funny way s Oh, yeah. All right, let's go and get to it are key takeaways from the Broncos hosting the Buffalo Bills. They lose this game 48 19. We'll start in the first half. Now the Broncos get the ball to drive down the field. They have a missed field goal, something that probably wouldn't have happened with Brandon McManus, but that end up being obviously opportunity bills. Get the ball drive down for a touchdown. Broncos get it. They punt. Bills. Get the ball again. They go down for a touchdown. The bills only touched the ball four times in the first half, and three of them were for touchdowns. Which is gonna be your talking about complementary football. That's gonna be a challenge for anybody. We'll get to what the Broncosoffense ultimately did. But one of the place was a Josh Allen 24 yard rushing touchdown and My goodness, man. He's having a special year. No, no denying how talented he is, and especially watching him make his pro Bowl this year. Hats off you people out of the game five.

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