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Eighty five percent of the payments they made but the deal does not resolve claims for the actual wild fire victims that is still on going as utility tries to emerge from bankruptcy by next year the trump administration has announced it is going to try to tackle the homelessness problem in California and aids have been sent to our state on fact finding missions then I talked with second area congressman Armey bear about the homeless problem homelessness is a major issue not just in the city of Sacramento but also in the suburbs and now we're obviously going to welcome any federal assistance but yes some of the language in the rhetoric that the the president and the ministrations using makes it seem overly political again I would have I would urge the administration the president release funds to the local communities because again the local communities probably have a better sense of what those causes of home with a far. right and apparently some administration officials have already visited Los Angeles so I it's uncertain whether or not any federal funding would come out to our area but of course our mayor Gerald Steinberg is on the governor's. the governor's homelessness commission and Mehrestan Berg saying was aware of what the president could offer but would certainly accept any federal funds. yeah I I I I think I would echo what matter Steinberg's indicators is. yeah the the way the presence approaching this almost sounds like you're gonna gonna be warehouse thing the homeless in the three human beings and yeah they fall on hard times in their home was for one reason or another I'm not denying that there's the urgency in California and in Sacramento to help address this but again I would urge the administration to release additional funding to the local communities and let the local communities use those funds in the most efficient way possible and finding that the most efficient and best way of course is key are there any strategies are ideas that you've heard of that resonate with you on how to tackle this you know certainly a couple I mean homelessness isn't one size fits all you know certainly there's the need to address the underlying mental health or substance abuse issues the housing crisis and the lack of affordable housing as well as enough housing certainly is contracted services as well and he you know I think its multi factorial yeah I know mash Feinberg I talked them a couple weeks ago and damn he's obviously pushing to do you have in person and okay folks and said livable shelters that bad of a a great first step but I also think we've got to make sure we address the underlying issues you know fast mental health or substance abuse we've got a can comment we address those issues as well. all right and that is congressman Armey bearer for of course from the Sacramento area bring your time to five fifty it's time for your traffic.

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