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Norman rogers. Who is an energy experts talking about the riots in Paris that continue to go on the shawls delay? Shawls to Charleston. No wonder I failed French to the Sean still protests, the yellow vests setting things on fire being violent with Peres police, and basically shutting down the city of light over this carbon fuel tax that president Macron has insisted upon. At the hands of those in charge of the Paris climate accord of which he has won the United Nations calling for reduction in carbon emissions actually, France. Get this France road transport emissions were a mere zero point four percent of global carbon emissions in two thousand sixteen overall French missions were less than one percent and the whole planet. But yet he insists his socialist backers and his predecessor Francois Hollande targeted auto emissions because they count for forty percent of Francis. Carbon emissions from fuel combustion compared to twenty one percent in Germany. It's mainly because France relies on nuclear power for like Christie power generation heating account for only thirteen percent of French emissions now like any of this has anything to do with temperatures rising globally. Fact human interaction with the ecology. Is very very infant Tessema part of the carbon emissions on the planet. Most of which are good. It's called carbon dioxide which trees need to breathe so they can produce oxygen and make the planet green. But anyway, I digress. The protesters in Paris and many of them are from the rural parts of France. By the way, France has still nearly nine percent. Unemployment rate. Twenty one point five percent for the young. And will struggle to hit two percent annual GDP growth yet mccrone thinks it's a good idea to soak the taxpayers of France for much of the eight billion euros annually. For a very miniscule global benefit. He actually told these yellow vests which mostly from rural France that Paris who depend on cars to get to work if they can find work. He said he told them to wait for better public transport or to car pool. Just wait. We'll be there with the transport and in a couple of years after we're starving to death mccrone. This is more of this global warming climate change nonsense, and you see what it's rot in France. It ain't good. And it's not getting any better anytime soon. Oh, here's another milestone for the looney. Almost American state of Oregon. Anybody been to Portland? I mean recently. It's not just it's not just marijuana that's being legalized, but they're talking about Oregon secretary of state approved language needed for a for a ballot measure, which means those in favor of decriminalizing. Magic mushrooms. To make psychedelic mushrooms legal in Oregon. That's all we need. The good news is maybe if if all the crazy liberals in Oregon. Decide to not out on magic mushrooms. The conservatives can finally take charge while they're asleep at the wheel. And here's another news story. The world is becoming more allergic to food. I never heard about peanut allergies. When I was a kid. I mean, I knew they existed. It was like you can't go to the Florence freedom game and bring peanuts. They won't sell them there because of peanut allergies. And I know the real. I know that there are kids and people who have got sick and even died from peanut from, you know, the shock athletic shock from peanut allergies. But recent studies and inquiries into the deaths of two British teenagers after eating sesame and peanut highlighted, the sometimes tragic consequences a six year old girl in Western Australia, back in August died as a result of a dairy allergy people are becoming more and more allergic to food. And it's become more noticeable in western countries, western Europe, and the United States. Food. Allergy now affects about seven percent of kids in the UK nine percent of those in Australia. Across europe. Two percent of adults have food allergies. Now, nobody can figure out why this is happening. And why the allergy rates are climbing. But they're trying trying really hard to figure it out and to combat this growing phenomenon. Allergy, of course, caused by the immune says, you may have allergies. I mean. I know people that they can like come within fifty feet of poison Ivy, and they break out got the rash itching the whole deal I can walk right through the stuff in shorts and nothing happens. But you can get an allergy at any time in your life. Even if you've never had one. Some of the most common foods for kids to be allergic to our milk eggs peanuts. Tree nuts like walnuts almonds. Pine nuts. Brazil pecan sesame fish and shellfish. That would kill me if I was allergic to shellfish. I can't afford lobster, very often or or king crab. But I like to know that they can be on my plate if I can come up with the coin to buy him, right? The frequency of food allergy has increased over the past thirty years for some reason, nobody can point out why yet and particularly again in industrialized societies. There's been a fivefold increase in peanut allergies. Just in Great Britain between nineteen ninety-five in two thousand sixteen and you hear it here. All the time. I mean, you can't you can't serve peanuts on a plane. You can't have met the ballpark. Because somebody may get a whiff of the dust and the the throat closes up the choking and electric shock the whole deal. So anyway. Hopefully, they find an answer. So I can eat my shellfish. Not worry about making anyone else. Sick at the next table. Oh, I says is now threatened New York City was sniper attacks. That's something to look forward to kill the caliphate, Syria and Iraq. They're coming here. So they say. CNN's Zakar says he's interested in running for office. That's going to be interesting to watch. How many Democrats are going to be in the fold to face off against President Trump and twenty twenty it looks like Muller's probe is coming to an end. That's what we keep hearing. We'll see. Just ahead. We'll talk about an open love letter to some people that I want to thank for always being there and some people that aren't here anymore, unfortunately. But I got to reconnect with one of those really really good longtime acquaintances. Hopefully, we can be friends again over the weekend. He came in played for us at huddles cafe on Saturday. We did a little bit forty five minute music set. It was great to see him that more plus your phone calls. If you got anything you want to talk about in less. It's the Bengals again. The only thing that's more maddening to me about people still rooting for the Bengals and thinking that they're gonna win. Another game is the people who were bitching about the Bengals and Marvin Lewis. It's not doing any good. Nothing's gonna change not this season. And if the coaching changes at the top of the Bengals organization is the team going to be any more successful in its curtains current configuration. I highly doubt it news now at seven hundred L, W,.

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