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Burger straight drop pros, right? Toward Iran and makes the catch shoved out of bounds. First down Xavier Woods, pushing the tight end Ebron out after a pickup of 11th out Steelers him in a 27 to go in the Dallas defense was smelling blood in the water, and they brought heavy pressure. Try to get into Roethlisberger's face while he's hobbled. It was a good route by Eric Ebron from his tight in position, just quick out route for big conversion to the Cowboys. 32 6 passes no runs on this march from the Steelers shotgun for Roethlisberger throwing left toward the sideline and quick hitter and it's caught lunching at a bounces play pool right near the marker. It should be enough to get 10 yards and a first down. Roethlisberger had some bodies around his feet there again, but it looked a little bit more comfortable in his drop from the shotgun position, took another two or three step drop before he fires that ball to Claypool on a 10 yard out. And another first down conversion. Rob Bliss, Berger, six for 7 53 Yards on the drive left hash at the Dallas 22 21 to go until halftime. Shotgun for Roethlisberger dumps it off to the right and it's Ebron catch inside the 20 and right sideline he shoved out of bounds by Anthony Brown after a gain of five A minute, 16 remaining in the first half Pittsburgh as the Dallas Cowboys on their heels right now, lots of crossing routes. Lots of quick routes, hitches outs in breaking cuts. And right now, the House Cowboys have no answer for the Cowboys. 17 right. Hash empty backfield for Rob Bliss, Berger three receivers to the left, including the tight end Four rushers for the Cowboys. Rafa's burger pumps right pros right for the end zone Touchdown, Pittsburgh. James Washington 17 Yard strike from Roethlisberger and.

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