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Jonah? What say? That show. Kathy. I'm about to tell you something that I never told any girl on a I. But I think it's important that you know, I like to wear women's clothes like to wear women's clothes panties. Brassieres sweaters pumps. It's just something. I do. And I can't believe I'm telling you this. But I really like you, and I don't wanna get in the way down the road to this mean, you don't like podcasting with girl. No, I love podcasting with girls. Not today. That's my fear dialogue exchange moving. No. It's good. I just Lugosi. You know, you could have done Lagosians. Motherfucking right. Exactly. No one gives folks about cast. Bold uh strings pulled up podcast. I don't know. Yeah. Platt. Casts casts be aware be. I always like, here's the thing. I hate go. This is one of my favorite movies. I'm out with their love this top five meals. I'm with you. This is a wonderful, and I feel like unfairly. Now a lot of the psalms legacy is Samuel Jackson is constantly shit. Talking. The fact that Martin Landau beat him. I think it's gone past. What was plain like he was up for pope fiction and he used to complain like Ed Wood, no one even saw that thing come on like he was one of the most conic performances of all time who even talks about Martin Landau. And had would it was like I talked about literally. It's the performance like the you could imagine beating almost any hard thing about it is Samuel Jackson's. Never gonna get another swing. No at an award. Probably probably you know, showing had ahead of him plates at the app. I know right. Exactly. I was only ninety five years old. Look, you're too crazy facts one Martin Landau lived another twenty years. I was just gonna say, right? He was not. He did lie pretty old. He lived to like ninety nine. Oh, really? He he made it along to eighty nine. Really? Yeah. He looked about ninety. He was an old, man. He was thirty five he was sort of Martin Landau much like Bella, go sees a cartoon eastern, European that you kind of can't believe a real person Marlena was kind of a cartoon old guy. Yes. Like, I only think of him isn't. Okay. You see pictures of? And you know, he's mission impossible right space nineteen ninety nine based on your like. Oh, right. He knows. That's my default. Landau? In nineteen ninety nine. Okay. Fair enough. I was thinking I would think more mission impossible is yours crimes and misdemeanors. No, it's and would fault. Probably see he disappears into this role getting land. That's why you like it. It doesn't look like Martin Landau. And the which is one of the least showy and most effective makeup jobs in film history cruise it's incredible. How will they transform without it looking like a Sasha baron Cohen character where it's like his face doesn't move. He looks like he's Banda rubber. It's and they have dramatically different faces yet Martin Landau has such a very distinctive face. And Bella goes, he has a very distinctive space. And I there's a thing on such a good job that he can watch a movie with the real real. Yeah. Well, also, he was supposed to be a a withered show. But it looks like that's the way they're shell of that real guy on the DVD on the special features. They have like a whole thing with Rick Baker. And he was like I love Lugosi. I was like really honored that Tim reached out to me and offered me to sing. And I said like this is impossible like these are fundamentally different faces. Rhino has this very long face. So long sort of freaking stymie shape Marla like upper lip got long because he was in that low gravity environment. Ourselves face nineteen hundred spaceman. Hijack this and just party like it's space. Seen that much space nineteen ninety nine. I'm not a lot was made. I'm pretty sure I saw all of it. But not what was the concept is off battle. Who's well before battles overly? Yeah. Jerry anderson. It was crazy. It was fully live actions area Thunderbirds. Jerry, Barbara Bain was a marrying weirdly. Take the press photos Bubby marionette in the ship sit like a space station show. Here's the premise. Okay. Space station moon base alpha on the moon base..

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