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Outstanding gunfight were at finally comes down to it. And they get so you you're going to be pushed so far. Now in today's society. You gotta be very careful. You can't let your monster off police because you'll be pushed so far to where in the old days. You could probably do the right thing. But these days you're going to jail for a long time. Got to be very careful gotta keep your monster on a leash. But, but isn't it isn't it kind of crazy that in two thousand nineteen American society? Everything is pushing you to the point of being pushed too, far it would seem. I'm not talking in a crazy way. Like these people that go into a McDonalds with an automatic weapon. Make a bold statement. No, no. I'm not talking that. I'm talking you're your country literally being well viscera before your very eyes. That's what's happening right now in America. You've got poll after poll of America's youth coming out and saying I don't like America. I hate capitalism is that fair it's racist racist. Or I can't believe we haven't done away with this yet. We going to be socialist that this is happening all over the place. It's not just happening with a couple of nutcases down on some college campus Selleck, Wayne State, or whatever in Berkeley. No, no, this is the norm now that normally trickling down into elementary school. Now part of another tactic other than using the blunt instrument of racism, the the progressive socialist. They're not just using that they're using this. Confusion, anxiety, etc. Around sexuality a group of Williams. College are at Williams College. And this comes from Colorado university boulder. See the thing on on college fixed. That's cool as you get college students from colleges all over the country reporting, and they are using their respective college. Their location where they found the report, but the reporting on other colleges and many times they've gone there firsthand or they're in contact with people at those colleges. And here's a report from Madison Meeks from CU Berkeley. Colorado university Brooklyn assume that is. Other thing to tell they're telling kids to void. He or she she can't say heated this or sheet of this make this incredibly confusing. They also want to get rid of son or daughter, son or daughter. So what they're doing is. They're constructing the language I'm sorry deconstructing language, so said, it will be confusing. There's no other way to look at it. That's what they did with common core. What do you think car was about? It was about making things. Confusing. Anybody? That's that's lying and telling you something other is while lying on their part of the deconstruction crew a group at Williams College recently called for the campus community to stop using the terms Mr. and MRs and instead use mix AmEx in an effort to be more inclusive. See isn't that's kind of like we're here from the government. We're here to help. You know, it's going to be a nightmare. Inclusive. Open range, Robert Duvall, Kevin Costner that was an outstanding movie now right off the bat. They they do that thing where they give you a reason to want to see the guys that did this just immediately brought to Justice in the most sadistic way when they come up, and they shoot up that kill dog or whatever. With that get out there. They leave behind by the Chuck wagon, and then my favorite part of that movie. Aside from the. The shooter the gunfight, which is outstanding my favorite part is where they're laying there. I think they're trying to get to sleep. There aren't on the open range and they're talking to each other. This would be Robert divall Kevin Costner, and they're kinda they're kinda getting into if you will pass the surface of the character. And you find out that there are both a couple of stone cold killers. But they're trying to find peace in life, and they're trying to move on past that. And what you call it there you find out that Kevin Costner. I can't remember the dialogue. But it was I thought it was outstanding guys next gunfighter. And possibly wanna Cointreau raider or something, I don't know something like that. And they're just trying to they're just trying to get away from it. All we want to go out and Bella nowhere and build a life. The next thing, you know, how man we gotta do it. Again. We gotta just make things right again. One more time. When will they leave us alone? I guess the thing is is that you never left alone. Right. Yeah. Never now. These these kids here, they're not leaving us alone. That was one suggestion. Among the long list of guidelines to thoroughly confused people that those my editorial comment recently approved by what's called trans inclusion committee at Williams College. Now this in their newspaper, the Williams record if you're at Williams College, and I bet they have one pretty much any college. You're going to see somebody has an office. The they'll get an office. They'll say, okay, give these kids in office over in the student center, building, whatever. And then they put up a shingle out in front trans inclusion committee. At what point the adults ever become adults again, and they go around and say get out of here for you're not. You're not running a scam out go. We're not wearing us this office for storage, get out take your shingle with you. They couldn't do that. That would be inclusive. The guidelines offer tips and suggestions for those in certain contexts, for example, instead of using binary gender. What's called honorifics a real word, MS MS MS was the big one way back when and they're getting rid of that now too. That was it. I mean, MS was at one point. That's when the whole of women's rights thing coming about didn't want to be called miss or MRs they wanted to be missed. So you you didn't know. More confusion, or should we be more more inclusive? You know, I I heard I mean, language wise in terms of descriptive, shouldn't we should have all different types of description. I don't know if this is true because I don't speak Navajo. I'll speak now. I don't I mean, you may think I do. I look like I may speak Navajo. But I don't I don't. And from what I understand. There are five separate words for sand in the Navajo language. I don't know if that's true. But if it is why would you think that would be because those people are in sand all the time. So they they've got to describe their world. Yeah. The inclusive thing now is we we need to get rid of these words for sand. We're not gonna do that anymore. Nope. We're not doing it. We're going to call it. Crystal and stuff. Anyway. These guidelines tips earned insane. The committee was founded within the office of institutional diversity inequity that right. There is a big problem that some adopted and say, no, we're not doing that. Headed by Emory Shriver and Amanda Turner, both of whom declined to comment on the passing of the new guidelines provide a copy of the full set of best practices to the college fix. This goes back to every time we give you a story from the college fix. I wanna say only once or twice out of the hundreds we've done have. They responded. Yeah meeting. They'll say, we can we get a response Email. They they've refused. Respond Email or at this filing of the story. No response. Campus. Spokes spokesman says spokesperson I'm saying spokesman did not respond to requests for comment. There you go. From the fix a gift of a list of communication best practices found at Williams College gender and sexuality resource website does state that instead of using Mr. MS. One can use mix AmEx. How do you pronounce that doesn't say I'm just saying mixed because it's at max. I bet for some screwy pronunciation. Now, here's what's really crazy to the list also suggests avoiding binary pronouns like he or she and son or daughter hardy, describe somebody you're with going to visit whatever if you're not using this how well you don't you're confused, and everybody's confused you when you're confused like this. It's easier for you to be led around like, a sheep. And you know, what makes it even easier? Oh, man. If you're confused insane like this, and and and you're wasting on weed. Yeah. That's when they can really start leading your around and doing crazy stuff with you..

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