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The G W. Lincoln Tunnel, about five minutes in both directions and the Holland Tunnel up to about 10 minutes, leaving the city It's also slow through Queens on the eastbound L I e from the BQE into Nassau County. I'm Lou Adam's talk radio 77 w A B C. So you know, I was giving myself a dental examination this morning. All the teeth that no longer exists. I mean, cracked broken. You know, I've got two caps The yes. So much damage in my mouth. And so for years, I will be fearful of going to the tennis. I would fold like a cheap camera. And then I realized I like so many of you had that dental turning point. It's almost like when you had your midlife crisis, you realized, boy if I don't deal with these dental needs It's gonna fall like you know, like a house of cards. I've got to two locations in my lower jaw, both one on the left one on the right toe hollowed out a long time ago, like a construction site would be and then all of a sudden, no building. Was put into their ditch. I was supposed to have implants and because of my fear, fright and hysteria about going to a dentist. I never completed it and then I realized, Hey, it's time. It's time. So I got on the phone with doctors Alex and Jason head father and son team out in the South Shore, Staten Island. Run Staten Island implant and to stop calm. You should really check out their sight. And they relieved all of my concerns. They told me. Hey, you know you're gonna need implants Lever, The older you get more damage. It's going to take you inside of your entire mouth. They were like the first, Dennis. Whoever said your entire mouth you No, No, you go to a dentist. They say all of this smaller, the lower the upper and that's it. No, no, no, no. At Staten Island. Implant antis dot com They look at the whole mouth, not tooth by tooth and you can get a full zirconia dental implants. Smile that won't chimp off chip of faith and the laboratory is right there, So the technician is right there..

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