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It's a great gift exchange. We have basically the head tremendous bring their ideas people pay money to come hear them. And then we give that money to the leading pediatric cancer researchers. So that would be one that's the sewn confrontation S H N, which which I attended before and found endlessly fascinating. Endlessly fascinated. Yeah fund. It's a really mind stretching experience anything else that you'd like to say, no, I think that's it. I mean. All right full. Stop. Graham until next time. And we we we have a lot to otherwise catch up on. But thank you again for being generous with time, and you're caffeinated beverages and to everybody listening, I will have links to everything in the show notes. The books the essays various figures people thinkers, we mentioned which you can find as always Tim dot blog Ford slash podcast, and just search Graham or Dunkin and everything will pop right up and until next time pay attention to the present. It's all you got. All right. Thanks bye. Hey, guys. This is Tim against a few more things before you take off number one this fiber bullet Friday. Do you want to get a short Email from me, would you? Enjoy getting short Email from me every Friday that provides a little morsel of fun before the weekend and five will of Friday's very short Email where I share the coolest things I've found or that been pondering over the week that could include favorite new albums that I've discovered could include gizmos and gadgets and all sorts of weird shit that somehow dug up in the the world of the Esa Terek as I do it could include favorite articles that I've read and that I've shared with my close friends, for instance, and it's very short. It's just a little tiny bite of goodness before you head off for the weekend. If you want.

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