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Doesn't mention the woman's name. Cuomo's acting council says All allegations are being forwarded to the attorney general's office as they conduct an independent investigation. The Long Island Railroad is restoring service to train lines they made cuts to with the beginning of the week earlier today, the governor called on the MPA and ally double large reverse The service reductions don't want crowded trains crowded platforms now. I understand the financial constraints I understand is a reduced ridership. They still say service will be reversed to the way it was by March 29th cuts and service, sparking outrage from commanders who had to ride overcrowded trains during the pandemic. Railroad says the cuts were necessary because of reduced ridership during the pandemic. New York Times says California Has the best bagels over New York New Yorkers feel the Oracle is a smear campaign Rangers of Penguin's eye on this host of Bruins Devils of Capitals. WBC News Times seven Oh, five. Traffic and transit up Next now. Your forecast in the Ramseys Subaru Weather Center tonight. Clear Low 39 Wednesday mostly sunny. Continued. Mild high 58 52 clear in Central Park. It's 50 New Rochelle. I'm Bob round screaming at home when you're smart Speakers just say play 77. W E B C W A B C. Traffic in transit in Queens. There's an accident on the cross of it Parkway North bound lanes right around Northern Boulevard. This is backing up the cross of it. Parkway. It's also backing up the westbound l I e had a Nassau County gotta jam up from Lakeville Road into the cross island and very heavy traffic getting onto that north bound cross of it Parkway off of the westbound l I e still a busy ride. The eastbound ally. He feared Queens from the BQE out to the cross of the parkway. It's about a 30 minute trip and the westbound B Q E from the Kosciuszko Bridge down to the Prospect Expressway, also about a 38 minute ride. We're looking at a pretty good flow of traffic now at the Holland Tunnel, but the 5 to 10 minutes lay out to Jersey Lincoln Tunnel is quieted down in both directions. I'm Jake Filets Talk radio 77. W A b c traffic despair..

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