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A brief morning everybody's dg envi a angela ye shall we are the breakfast club now we got a special guest in the buildin g easy shoveling i don't like our previous generation act like this new generation of so wrong leg well orally george stuff that was just battle worse on the to join a to lebanon one poplin appeals i it is talking about the hill and people is you by the way we got there from we got there for mom we get there from you know just quote upon the whole kelli waite me you know what i mean the whole away you know what i'm saying like that's what it was about being tough be a regular hone young you know what i'm saying but now day in and that was as individual would not days you know you need it you know even be 200 take a pace it gets it trump innovia rid of negotiate like one hundred put a pistol by damage like your more secure your form this partly by sea dissolved if you're looking for rio but yes you know yes that's how they take it is a when you see him on you to inauguaral night on never london low armies may but it just like if you're angled shot a them right i appreciate nobody by amazing other way in on sand because it via the daylight when you start bearing people at least in people's mouths krynauw he just get a little tricky because it's like an ally it was guky he didn't really want to do that in amiga he just had a daughter blow may get a little tricky causes cells good in the music within would cause real life nose became b like you know you take some his you know what i mean so dislike damp but you know at the end of the day you know they make in their own way 'cause they're lease changing the game if trump saying like they're going straight from the studio straight consume what hilmi pratt label no more we didn't even do that so you got to respect him i didn't make this sole you bit if you creative enough you know what i'm saying you could say the game eve of people like me when your thoughts on.

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