Democrat Party, Bernie Sanders, Andy Kaye discussed on Mark Levin


Five minutes. What the democrat party's been doing why they flipped? How they put their power ahead of the nation's security and well-being. How they lie about the economic consequences of unskilled labor. Labor pouring across our border and the effect on poor particularly minorities in our country. All self censorship. By the free press the propaganda press. They contradictory positions by Democrats as recently as eight nine ten years ago. Our Bernie Sanders as recently as a few years ago. They don't play them. They don't talk about them. They don't explain this flip what took place why for the reasons I keep saying the media in this country. Collectively is the mouthpiece of the democrat party. They are in sync on policy. They are in sync on ideology. The democrat party where to swing the other way today just as quickly that media would be right there carrying their banners. I'll be right back. Mm-hmm. With a look at the roads. Here's Andy Kaye from the one zero one five seven twenty AM traffic center traffic sponsored by the estrogen temporal scanner thermometer. Are you or.

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