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For from public workers there, by the way, this is a Swiss ski town. There is a lot of snow, but I understand this year in unnatural amount of snow. How bad is it? It's the worst. It's ever been going back to the leave nineteen sixty one or nineteen fifty one, and it is snowy. It is a snowy Tom Keene editor at large for Bloomberg TV and radio. Thank you. Lisa. Thank you so much. Well, let's turn to domestic politics and brace yourself because we're going to the last unresolved midterm election contest. The ninth congressional district in North Carolina. You remember this is where an associate of the Republican candidate Mark Harris was accused of collecting mail in ballots from voters and promising to fill them in which is illegal the Republican narrowly beat the democratic candidate, Dan mccready, but he wasn't seated. So that these accusations could be sorted out. While this morning, the Republican Mark Harris asked a judge to certify his nine hundred and five vote lead over the democrat, Dan McCreevy despite those questions about vote tampering. Oh, and despite the recent dissolution of the state's board elections. Joining us is w UNC politics reporter rusty Jacobs. Rusty this is. Saga? It is ongoing ever complicated as you said Marquez is legal team as file emotion to very specific legal question is can the court intervene in what today's judge actually turned a dramatic intervention. A dramatic move and intervene an order the state board of elections executive director to certify that nine hundred five vote victory by Republican marquess over democrat, Dan, mccready, I to back up because we mentioned the election board. The Republican party has reshuffled the board and that was declared unconstitutional back in October..

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