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Created by humans for humans to in his virtual ethicists. But his his just meta justification for the confusion. Way kinda utilitarian. He's like we have with state of nature we gotta figure out how to make it work confucianism does that the best in the most efficient way so he arguably is the closest to an atheist. Dick floss for we have in the warring states interesting. Okay yeah. I think that that is a fact that they used to know and then forgot. I think might even mentioned it in my book. The big picture. Now that you're saying all those words is sort of coming back to 'cause. I was looking into the history of naturalism. There are various yemen's when it of came and then got crushed a little bit but yeah he never. It never took off. But it's interesting because he's still advocates for religious practice. Because he's got he's got this very kaya me in view of how of the function of ritual so he is a famous passage where he says We do the rain prayer. And what happens. It's gonna rain or it's not gonna rain. Doing the rain doesn't affect the rain at all So should we get rid of the rain prayer absolutely not. We should keep doing very so. Why do we do it. Because it brings people together Everyone's sits in their hierarchical place in so they get a visual representation of where they set in social hierarchy. They reaffirm their commitment to the ruler into the way so he's got this functional story about religious ritual where he wants he wants people to keep doing it but he says the the common person is gonna continue to think that we're doing it to make it rain the gentleman. His peers is educated. Peers know that we're it's gonna rain or rain there's no has no efficacy except social. We're doing it for these social reasons. He's got this really interesting functional role that but also makes me think that we have not made any progress in the last twenty five hundred years into already said that something just become clear in many of the examples given is a stylistic difference maybe i'm perceiving correctly or incorrectly between the chinese and the greeks at in this era namely like they were the chinese. Well so let me let me back up to mention The only one of these texts. I've actually been exposed. To directly is the zhang's a which is through the cartoon book that he wrote the preface. Aren't you mentioned that because everyone should read these books. Yeah that's a great that cartoons great and visit the and there's a series of them right. Yeah yeah he did all the classics in cartoon form. That is what. I lived in taiwan. I read these chinese. And i remember thinking oh when i get back to the states. I want to translate. These and brian brewer..

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