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Recall state senator josh newman who was the pivotal vote in support of april's fifty two billion dollar gas take tax increase right so these guys are seeking to remove uh to to push a recall of this got a senator a josh newman rent lou prom the democrats lawsuit which was filed in sacramento last thursday alleges that the college republicans and other conservative activists quote misled voters in their successful signature gathering effort to recall center newman the senate names various up a parties as the in their suit for volunteering their weekends to talk to constituents about the cost of newman's vote to the districts taxpayers are so this goes against everything we believe everything the design of course is just to intimidate when have we conservatives ever done anything like this i'd be okay with this if it cut both ways but it never of course i'm not kate with it but at the very least i would expect it to cut both ways it doesn't as soon as we can sue the president for lying to us about benghazi the healthcare bill the iranian deal the basis for the socalled stimulus and the pay for play on the hostages bergdolmo the irish targeting of conservative groups the basis for closing down get more the the basis for pulling out every man from a rock and of course his not telling us about his knowledge of russian attempts to back our election t to hack our election as early as august twenty sixteen once we get that information then yeah yeah go ahead then you can sue on the grounds that somebody else misled but seriously how dare you and the fact that they don't even see this as a constitutional issue that's that's breathtaking to me now what what's going to happen folks is that any court amir less it's already bought and paid for by the democratic party it'll benchley it'll go up the ranks and it'll eventually be defeated very easily very easily it's a pure i men issue and not only will it be defeated nicely uh but it will be beaten back with a twenty skis in favor of the defendants here at the.

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