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On behalf of middle class women of champions. Kidney and I are yelling at rich people. Brenda Brenda to represent in the middle class women of Champ Lynn. That's right. OK, we need we need To give middle class shout outs in the next hour. That's Brenda. Thank you for that guy's We're We're 15,681. We're going to get to 16,000 before the six before the seven o'clock hour starts. Yeah. That's crazy. We started it like 14,000 in one hour. We're 3000 0. That's right. 13. Yeah. In one hour. We've raised 3000. We're going to get to 20,000 Gods, please. We have to we were going to and again. Bea Arthur back hair gone, chin hair gone. We'll just open up fallout 871 people to get $5. That's what we need right now. 800. It's to get $5. Yeah, I seriously I I would bawl like a baby. So let me write that 100. What 800 What? Dawn 8 71, But Robin just donated $20. So it's even less than that. So about 800 people if 800 of you donated $5. I would. We would ball. I would. I would openly weep with that explosion of do it, guys. Let's get Jason to weep like Barbara Walters. This great creative. Yeah, let's get Jason get inside. So give 40,000 for me, too. We've done Don is no emotion. She's dead, so she won't be by my house in south Minneapolis all week. Oh, yeah. Well, that's right. Somebody anyway. $15,731 again for little brothers, Friends of the elderly Lex. How do people donate again? My talk 1071 dot com. Click, um, Project down and dirty in the carousel at the.

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