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Touch brighten my day he's he gets mediate something so hard the world's largest bugger will shoot out of my nose with but it's not like oh I know I had to blow my nose this thing was in my brain when it when it happened at the Caprio he's never I'll tell you it hasn't happened yet so these next two months ago if you if you see me start third tonight it's because I think it might be that it's going to be like you'd like talking to Erica or like someone like that you don't like me 'cause I'll just laugh it off like it's going to be somewhere like whoa forever rather it happened in front of Erica Dave 'cause Eric that's gross but it won't turn into the days dailia store those rainfall in six weeks your name will never be cold you got to be whatever comes up whatever comes in his mind is that how women feel when they have their period you know it's coming and you just don't like I've never fully understood the period cycle me neither but as three men I feel like we should try to there's no better experts than I know for sure a pretty good vagina beg but I feel like why does it fly out like a waterslide or was it just like a faucet that you just can't turn off all right does a Tampon feel good when you put it in the Eastern conference looking good you say nick taking the overhear me to probably can't be the worst I you probably idiot say to the previous like ain't GonNa be the previous until an hour and we're going to preview a preview it's going to be a big I'm very excited because huge season we lousy on your duke boy I also I bet last week on the Pelicans because I thought the game was last week and those Wednes- Iowa's in I love them plus six now he's not in spreads like ten or twelve now and I'm too much of a principal cancelled about going back that I didn't know you could even do that I call my bookie and it'd be stop yeah but if the Pelicans do win I started on the rafters on be so mad so just GonNa right I mean it's to Duke Pelicans anyway so true lily everyone from Duke's other it's true but yeah I bet tale at least are gonna be so good this Duke Duke now now other mothers one that really you're going to hate him so much like every yeah they hurt his name is matthew hurt he's got got braces he's good yeah his lips are so red it's like a comically read this stuck his albums optical poke in the eye uh-huh looks confused he's drooling in the picture magma drink a lot like you see a kid districts a he's got an active neck I'll tell you what recently active neck assure act lion column those ones are so you could tell you could see them sipping water from miles away talking Adam's apple goes down the kneecaps and golf yeah disgusting and this is a net Amee ah both male and female yes we're going all over it no you we brought motion here specifically the PAO friend of the show but also because he's just on the show am I am I I I'm in the mix tape world I officially in the world literally the sentence I just said that aside forget to listen baby you're the one that stinks you move your neck again my buddy the next GONNA stop coming with a neck brace tomorrow you look you see this shirt shared the moisture the moon shirt which he claims sold over one hundred of 'cause I made sure that day of Dave says we won't sell more than eight of those this was like way back when nobody knew that fuck I was the match before rough and rowdy boxing gloves balls I had to put this on sale did forget it was tied to the rough and rowdy builder yes plans why a couple more were sold yes I mean the the butts and gloves song thousand rudy was a way bigger star than you I haven't taken out since college basketball and they put him in the closet he's a college.

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