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The bid now requires the chairman a deposit one hundred twenty million dollars by four o'clock tomorrow afternoon through his hedge fund. Eleven forty eight on KNX, another unusual delay in the holy fire arson case the ban accused starting that fire appeared in court, but his arraignment was abruptly rescheduled. It is unclear what he had to say. But arson suspect forest Clark had a lengthy private conversation with an attorney from the public defenders office. This happened in court just before his case was called for scheduled arraignment. And when it was called the attorney asked that the arraignment postponed to January the twenty second during previous arraignment attempts back when he was arrested for the holy fire force Clark made unusual outbursts in court net. Led by judge to order three mental health evaluations. Two of three of the doctors have diagnosed Clark Assane, which is why this arson case that could send him to prison for life is moving forward to trial again arraignment now scheduled for January twenty second in Santa Ana Craig Vigdor, KNX ten seventy NewsRadio a week after an apparent sale. The empire house of a couple accused of torturing twelve of their thirteen children is back on the auction. Block the home sold on January. Second for just over three hundred ten thousand dollars barely over the reserve of three hundred thousand starting Saturday bids will again, be taken the minimum is just over one hundred seventy seven thousand dollars the house appraises for about double that. There is no word on why the earlier sale fell through. The house of the worst mass shooter in modern US history has been sold court records show, Steven paddock's, Nevada home sold for four hundred twenty five thousand dollars..

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