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And trust me, it's two more minutes and you are free and you're doing it and thank you for doing this. It's just like it's empathy and you have that in spades, you are an empathetic or empathic, which I never know which word it is because I went to public school. It's either you're either empathetic or empathic. I think a narcissistic enter path. No, you're not. You don't do what I learned. There's healthy narcissism. Oh, and and coup need certain amount of healthy narcissism for survival. It's what keeps us from not pudding are like, it's not. It's what keeps us from going all the way into the flame. You warm yourself. 'cause you care about yourself because you're cold, but you don't jump in the fire even though it's pretty right. Right. So you are wearing adorable cab. Warner Brothers, captain hats right now, which is this a healthy amount of yards. Yes, this is healthy narcissism. If we were malignant narcissist if we were malignant, we would never have this cute cap on and we'd only be staring at our own reflections in each other sunglasses. Which I do I am doing. So maybe I, I'm not sure what stage we are. We are. We are. We We're are. a little bit. We're healthy, but we're borderline. We could go into. We just have to have regular checkups therapists. But no. Well, I wanted to ask you that specifically because you're one of the few people. I think with me, it's been a learning curve, especially interviewing somebody that I don't know that happened to be on the podcast and never wanna make anyone feel uncomfortable. But we talk about a lot of personal things in a don't try to not to press. So my strategy is usually like there's a somebody big and famous who is it. Yeah, there's coal and coal Krause. Yeah, and Madelene and without my glasses on who's in front of lily. Yeah. The cast of Riverdale. Yes, yes. Here's actually doing the panel them. I am doing the panel by the way and I have. Here's the other thing that nobody believes about me. I the fear of public speaking and I'm doing this panel in front of all of these people in hall h. tomorrow, the big one, it's the big one, but I totally get that because with with acting also interviewing you, there's a place too high a bit. Yeah, like you can hide because you're deferring to somebody else. Let's own little cocoon. My own little space, my own little studio, my own little. It looks like a living room. We set it up that way so that people are like what it looks like you're in somebody's house. Will you please ask them if they've ever gone river rafting? I will and what they have with the river in Riverdale is like it's cold a, who is it? I think so they shouldn't Vancouver like all. I mean, it's heavy rain the river, yeah. Oh, I haven't seen it. Have you not? I've. Seen some Dale, which probably shouldn't admit right now because they think we're too. Yeah, we're Camille after this. Yeah, you're gonna tell her that I have seen every episode of the river seems Cole. I gotta tell you, she plays my husband's daughter, and I keep saying that's our daughter. I take credit for her I, by the way, neither one of us genetically has anything to do with this, and I'm like, I'm so proud of Camilla. She's such an amazing yet. Mark couldn't believe that he was playing a parent. You know what I mean? He's used to playing the guy that people scream at a grandma on my show. I say that about porn. I'm a great grandma off a great, great grand mill by porno age. If you look at porn, which I do not. But I've been told that mills are like eighteen. Kelly Ripa loves porn. Right? Exactly. That is I have in my account. That's my actual. That's my porn. Hub, I almost said porn horn because it was like you porn and. Blended them. I have my own account, but anyway, so there's. Mill is in eighteen year old. So that's like you're normally a mother that's mocks. But in the porn world, you're eighteen in rats, you're, you're mom. And then and then the grand mill is like a twenty five year old. And then the great grand mill is a thirty year old..

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